Personal Achievements

Personal Achievements – How To Recognise What You Have Achieved In Your Life & Plan For The Future

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Mark Ford

In this article Mark Ford, who is a home business lifestyle coach,  looks at how to embrace and recognise the personal achievements that you have made in your life along with addressing how some things could have gone better, and how to plan to make sure you reach any goals that you have set yourself both personally & professionally.

When it comes to personal achievements we are sometimes guilty at not recognising just what we have done in our lives and let others congratulate us before we eventually give ourselves a pat on the back. Why is this?

Maybe we don’t want to come across arrogant, big headed, self-centered or maybe we just don’t see them. A lack of self-esteem may be part of it, but it is very important that you embrace what you have achieved within your life up to now and plan for further achievements well into the future.

One Shoe Does Not Fit All

Now when it comes to personal achievements there is not a one shoe fits all. Your personal achievements will probably be totally different to the members in your family or your best friends but there are some categories that we all achieve in.

It maybe that we are successful within a charitable organization along with millions of people all around the world. It may be that you excelled at school, college and university and got that degree that you always wanted. Sport is something that most people achieve in, it could be that you won your local league in your favourite pastime or you won an individual competition.

Many people achieve in business by starting at the bottom and working their way up the ladder by gaining promotions along the way, or starting their own business from scratch, nurturing that idea and developing it into something that provides a full-time income for themselves and for people that they then go on to employ.

personal achievements

Personal Achievements

Financially it could be that you have achieved your financial freedom point and are free from all your debts like mortgages, credit cards and you finally have more money coming in than you need so that you can put some away for yours and the families’ future.

Then we can look at health. In the past you may have let things slip and become relatively unhealthy due to what you were putting into your body and not exercising enough to burn it off therefore putting on a lot of weight. There may have been a point when you realised what you had been doing and decided to do something about it and get fit again.

Or it could be that you quit smoking which is a very hard habit to break. It takes willpower, dedication and determination not to let the temptation get the better of you and put that cigarette between your lips again.

One of the biggest personal achievements anyone can make is to bring another life into this world and then love, care and nurture that tiny human being into a fine upstanding member of society who then goes onto bring value to the world. This maybe your ultimate legacy.

Personal Achievements – Look At What You Have Achieved?

So take some time out and really look at your life up to now. What has filled you with pride and given you an immense sense of satisfaction. At this time it is important to look at things that maybe could have gone better in the past. Now this is not meant to sound negative and put a dampener on things, far from it, but there maybe things that at one point were just a little bit out of reach but could still come into play with a little bit of help.

Was there something lacking? It could have been motivation which you may now have, or it could have been that you just didn’t know how to do something. This could be easily rectified by gaining the education and training to succeed by investing in yourself.

Mindset also comes into personal achievements. You must have belief otherwise there is no point starting out in the first place. Then as I have just mentioned you need to educate yourself and through that comes confidence. Once you have that then everything becomes effortless and there is no other outcome than success.

Mark Ford - Law Society Presentations 1994

Mark Ford – Law Society Presentation 1994

I have many personal achievements and that stems to having a never quit attitude to life.

Professionally I worked hard which culminated in gaining my credentials as a qualified lawyer within the legal system in the United Kingdom.

From there I have gone onto creating and developing multiple successful businesses both within the traditional economy and the digital economy that has exploded over the last 22 years.

I now feel privileged to give back through my positioning within an online business educational academy called the Digital Experts Academy where I have one on one coaching sessions with hundreds of high quality digital entrepreneurs to help steer them onto the right path for their own digital business success.

Personally, I have helped raise my son Daniel into a fine young man whom I am immensely proud of and would like to believe that other people see me as an honest, caring, thoughtful, hardworking and authentic person who more than often thinks more about other people than I do of myself. If I can then I will help anyone find their inner peace.

To find out more about my story then please click here.

Personal Achievements – Why Stand Still When You Can Plan For The Future – Your Future?

Courtesy of Cartoon Studio

Just because you have many personal achievements already tucked away doesn’t mean you can get complacent. What happens in between the day you are born and the day you die is your legacy and your chance to make your own mark on the world. So I think it is pretty safe to say you are still alive because you are reading this article so what do you still want to achieve?

Here it is time for you to get pro-active and start setting some goals, so you can add to the list of your personal achievements. So what do you still want to do in your life?

First make a list with number one your priority and so on. Then you need to make a plan of action on how you are going to achieve them. What steps to you need to take to make everything a reality. It maybe that you need to learn some new skill sets both practically and mentally. One tip is not to look at the end result but to work back from this and break everything out into steps or mini goals.

look into the future

Look Into The Future

The reason I say this is because if you look at the whole picture from the outset then you will get overwhelmed, put pressure on yourself, be very self critical and eventually lose the will, not to live, but carry on and the chances are that you will give up which obviously achieves nothing.

By having a clear step by step plan which is broken down into mini-goals it will give you the best chance to succeed, there is no doubt. So when your list of personal achievements gets longer and longer what do you do? Well let’s dive into that shall we.

Personal Achievements – Make Sure That You Reward Yourself

Remember at the start of this article I said that we don’t recognise our personal achievements as much as we should well I am telling you that you need to reward yourself when your reach certain milestones.

I am not saying that you should go and shout it from the rooftops or brag about it, no way. What I am saying is that you can be subtle and give yourself little reward, so it gives you a sense of earning. It depends on the achievement as to what you should reward yourself with and if you reach your mini-goals then the size of the reward could be incremental as you go along the path to success.

So when you hit your first milestone maybe go out for dinner with your wife/husband or partner. Then increase the stature of the rewards accordingly as you see fit, it really is all up to you. The reason I say reward yourself is that it gives you that little shot in the arm to keep you motivated and it also breeds confidence in you overall. With added confidence you will have the ability to then set even bigger goals because you know within your heart that you can reach them.

You only have one shot at life, it is not a rehearsal and there is only one person who can make things happen and that obviously is you. This is your chance to become the best person you can and achieve as much as you want to achieve. There are no boundaries, and everything is there at your fingertips so make sure that you reach out and grab them with both hands and never let go and you will be as successful as you want to be.

I hope that you have taken great value from my take on personal achievements. I didn’t want it to be just me telling you to do this and do that, I wanted to get you thinking and empower you to act on many different fronts and I hope that I have succeeded in doing that. Please leave your comments below as I would love to hear from you on all your personal achievements up to now and what you have planned for the future. For now I wish you every success in everything that you do.

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Mark Ford

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