Personal Development Goals

Personal Development Goals – Goal Setting Is Vital For Personal Development So Here Are Some Of The Most Important Areas Of Your Life That You Should Be Concentrating On So That You Can Become The Best Version Of Yourself

In this article experienced home business lifestyle coach Mark Ford looks at the personal development goals that you should be concentrating on so that you can create the most fulfilling life possible.

mark ford

Mark Ford

Let’s continue today looking at personal development and more specifically personal development goals.

Many people overlook this as they go through their lives’, but it is crucial to everybody so that they can live a happier and abundant lifestyle. Goal setting gives you a clear direction on where you want your life to be heading but many people get hung up on setting goals but not understanding how they are going to achieve them.

Also people think that the point of goal setting is just for material things such as they want to buy the car of their dreams by a certain date. Or they want to pay off their mortgage within 10 years.

Maybe they want to start a business and set a goal of earning $5000 per month.

Another favourite one is health where people want to lose weight and set themselves a target of losing so many pounds in 6 months or they want to stop smoking and then eat healthier. Now I am not saying that people shouldn’t do this, far from it, but they need to have the foundations in place so that they have any chance of achieving the goals they have set for themselves.

Everything starts in the mind and then transitions itself through the body to change attitudes and take action. You need to have the correct mindset to achieve anything in life and that is what I want to talk about today. Over the next few minutes as you read this article I will share several mindset issues that you have to get right in the first place and when you do then you will find the art of setting personal development goals will become effortless and then you will see positive results within your personal and professional life.

There will be things that I share with you that may have never crossed your mind as being important to your personal development and you may have some lightbulb moments and realise that there are certain things that have been holding you back in your development.

The good thing is that it is never too late to change things and you can easily implement things into your life to give you the best chance of creating the life and lifestyle that you desire.

So lets look at a series of mindset skill sets that you can practice to give you the best chance of living your ideal life!

Personal Development Goals – How To Create The Right Mindset

personal development goals

Personal Development Goals

Gaining Self Confidence – One of your personal development goals should be to develop self-esteem and self-confidence but how do you do this? Confidence stems from success and success stems from learning how to do this correctly and proficiently. This can be applied to anything in life but you need to take action.

Confidence is a powerful thing and when you are confident in life then you can achieve great things. Confidence should not be compared to arrogance and cockiness though as this rubs people up the wrong way and people like this usually have some underlying misgiving that they are trying to hide.

Your Body Language – There is a saying that “first impressions last” and the first impression that someone will have of you is the body language that you portray. So you need to come over very positive without being seen as pushy or smothering. Always look people in the eye when you are talking to them and never hunch your shoulders as this can give a negative impression to the person you are trying to connect with. This is especially relevant when you looking to secure a new job within an interview process.

Develop Relationships – A relationship is a two-way street, there must be give and take for the relationship to blossom. So as part of your personal development you need to learn how to get along with people. Always be prepared to listen to people and take onboard their opinions even if you don’t agree with them and give your opinion in a way that you are not forcing it down their throat.

Eventually people will respect you, and you them, and this will lead to a lasting and fulfilling relationship with people personally and professionally.

Stop Procrastinating – The definition of procrastination is that someone keeps delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring. So this is something that you need to overcome to enhance your personal development.

You must be clear, concise and take action on what must be done. If you continue to procrastinate then nothing will become real and all you will have is dreams.

sun risingGet Up Early – You will have plenty of time to sleep when you are dead and that is not meant to sound flippant. There is a saying that the “early bird catches the worm” so I advise you to get up early to maybe see the sunrise or do your daily exercise routine. This sets the body up perfectly for the day ahead and you will have high motivation levels to get stuff done.

So don’t wallow about in your bed until mid-morning because you are wasting a lot of your time instead of creating a beautiful life!

Be More Proactive – You should always be proactive rather than being re-active. If you are proactive then you are acting to avoid mishaps that may raise their ugly heads. What usually happens when you are re-active is that you panic in the event of a situation and this leads to stress.

Being proactive lets you control your fate and take responsibility for the results that you achieve.

Forget The Past – The past is the past and unless you have a time machine that can go backwards it can never be changed. We all have things in our past that have been unpleasant, whether that is being bullied at school or having bad relationships within the family or intimate partners.

Maybe business ventures have not gone the way you wanted and it has resulted in you losing money. Whatever it is you must let go of it. In doing so you will give yourself every chance of moving forward.

Become Resilient – You will have to develop the skin of a rhino to overcome many forms of adversity that you will face. You will have to develop a brave and confident mindset because if you are weak and helpless then you will continue to struggle, and things will get on top of you, there is no doubt.

Examples of Personal Development Goals Video

believe in yourselfDevelop Belief – If you have limited belief in something that you are about to embark on then you are onto a non-starter. You are basically telling yourself that this is not going to work, maybe it is your get out of jail card so that you can justify things further down the line. You will never escape from your comfort zone which is basically fear of what could happen.

To meet any of your goals then you must believe in them 100% from the get go or don’t even bother.

Be In The Moment – The time is now and not what has happened in the past or what could happen in the future. You must be aware of where you are now and your surroundings. There is a term called mind wandering which means that you often look back or think of the future which makes you unhappy.

Look around you and embrace the abundance you have in your life. It could be as simple as mother nature, the sun shining and the birds singing, or it could be your family which is the most precious thing in your life and be grateful that they are happy and healthy.

Often it is the simple things that make us happy so be aware of what you have got and think that there is always someone worse off than you.

Make Better Decisions – The decisions you make will have a huge impact on the quality of the life you will have and the outcomes that you get. So you need to get good on making decisions but also remember that no one is perfect, and you will make mistakes. When this happens make sure you learn from it so you don’t do it again.

Develop A Positive Attitude – When you have a positive attitude then you will have a great outlook on life and it will help you respond and react to any situation that you find yourself in for the better. A negative attitude results in negative things happening to you so always look on the bright side of life as Monty Python said, be positive and get ready to take the bull by the horns and always do you best.

So as you can see there is a lot more to personal development goals than you may have thought. Your success depends on what happens in your head, it is the foundation to everything you do or will have in your life so make sure you develop the right mindsets and I am sure that whatever goals you set yourself you will achieve and reach your full and true potential.

If you have taken value from this personal development goals blog post and you would like to add to the conversation please scroll down and leave a comment below.

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