Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan – How To Create The Perfect Personal Development Plan Which Will Enhance Your Personal And Professional Life

An article from home business lifestyle coach and digital entrepreneur Mark Ford on how to create a personal development plan to help you achieve all the goals that you set in life and fulfil the ambitions and aspirations that you have.

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Mark Ford

Hello, Mark Ford here and I can’t believe we are at the half way point in my series of articles relating to personal development and self improvement. There is a saying that if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail! As an example if you wanted to build your own house would you just buy a piece of land, get the construction materials and then break ground without any blueprints, drawings and plans to follow?

Of course you wouldn’t, you would employ an architect, get planning permission and then source qualified tradespeople to construct your new home to get the highest quality of product to enjoy. Well this principle can be applied to personal development and it is vital that you sit down and take some time to create your own personal development plan.

Yesterday I went into just what personal development is and as I have already said it is not just a case of buying a load of books. In case you missed yesterday’s article you can jump back and read it by clicking here. It is very in-depth and will take a lot of commitment to learn new skills, embrace change and take action.

So the point of this article is to give you the foundations, just like building a house, so that you can follow a step by step process and create your own personal development plan and create a blueprint which will map out your life for the future.

Personal Development Plan – Why Is It important?

personal development plan

Personal Development Plan

You need to have a clear vision on how you want your life to pan out. This includes setting goals and deadlines for you to meet at different stages of your life. Now this can apply to both your personal life as well as your professional life because it will make you focus on getting to your end destination.

If you don’t have the focus there is only one thing that will happen. That is, you will get distracted from what you are trying to achieve and go off in various different directions and running around like a headless chicken, sorry didn’t mean to upset any animal lovers!

So let’s now look at the different steps you need to take and why you need to take them.

Personal Development Plan – Creating Your Vision

creating a vision

Creating A Vision

You have the most powerful computer sitting right on the top of your shoulders, your brain. It processes millions of pieces of information which can be collated to create the vision that you have for your life.

It is very important that it is your vision, so what do I mean by that. You may be influenced by other people, you may see successful people, what they have and say to your self “I want a piece of that”.

By all means take some inspiration from that but don’t copy and paste as what they have in life may not be suited to you. What I would suggest you do is do something that is a practical exercise and create your own vision board.

Then fill it with what you want in life. Now this may include material things such as nice cars, boats and grand houses or any other thing you want to possess and there is nothing wrong with wanting to have nice things, far from it.

The thing is not to forget the important things in life such as having a fulfilling relationship, starting a family, creating your legacy to leave the world, how you want to help people.

Also how you want other people to feel about you, define your morals, values and your ethics. What person do you want to be? Hopefully someone that people can rely on, who is honest and trustworthy and someone who will go that extra mile to help people in need.

If you are looking to start your own business, then what kind of business do you want to create? It is not about just what can you sell to make money, it is about what value can you provide which will enhance other people’s lives and then the money is a bi=product of that. Always be prepared to give more than you receive, and the latter will take care of itself.

Once you have all this down on your board it will be your vision, your dreams and your goals. Then put it on the wall so you can easily be reminded of what you want out of life, or if you have it all in a book make sure you have it with you so that you can easily refer to it.

Personal Development Plan – Getting Your Focus

Now you have your vision it will make it easier for you to focus on what you need to do and what order your need to do it. You will have clarity.

Although this process is very important it is equally important not to over analyse it or over plan things. Try to keep it as simple as possible because it will make it easier for you to follow and keep that focus, also you will find that you will not get too stressed.

Look at it as you must complete step A to get to step B and so on, but it will help you if you can put obtainable deadlines to meet, just to keep you on track. Now you have your focus it is time to take action.

Personal Development Plan – Taking Action

Now I obviously don’t know what your vision is so the easiest way for me to explain taking action is to give you a few examples.

If you are a person is suffering from anxiety and this is holding back your personal development then you might look at taking yoga lessons or practicing meditation.

Your dream car may be the latest Ferrari but you will need to learn how to drive before that dream can come true. If you are looking for a lasting relationship but find it hard to approach people and make the first move, then you may want to look into getting professional advice.

Lastly if you see having your own business is the vehicle to help you achieve your dreams and vision for your life then you will need to invest into your education and seek proven and successful people in the field or industry that you are interested in.

I am sure you get the idea by now. Whatever you must do to get you from A to B then you simply must do it.

Personal Development Plan – Setting Goals

goals in life

Goals In Life

Setting goals is important whether it is personal goals or business goals but sometimes they work hand in hand. You may have always wanted to learn to drive but this may be necessary for you to start your own business so there may be a greater urgency to get this sorted first.

Personal goals are often easier to achieve and therefore have less stress involved whereas business goals can often seem bigger and more challenging to achieve. An example of this may be if you wanted to learn a particular musical instrument. This is something that you are doing solely for pleasure and yes you may want to be proficient as soon as possible you are getting immense enjoyment from practicing.

Whereas a business goal would be that you need to earn a certain amount of money per month to live. This immediately puts pressure on you because at the end of the month if you have not reached your target how are you going to pay the mortgage or rent and put food on the table.

So set your goals but like the previous steps you need to work out the actions you need to take to reach them.

Personal Development Plan – Time Planning

There are only 24 hours in a day and that will never change so you now need to work out a schedule so that you can execute the actions that you need to take. So look at each stage of the process and work out how long it is going to take you to complete that step and then create a timetable which works with your daily routine. You may be working so the evenings are the only time you have but you still must think about your family time which is very important.

So, you need to be super organised and disciplined, create your schedule and stick to it.

Personal Development Plan – Monitor Your Progress

Everything you do within your personal development plan is measurable and you must keep track on your progress otherwise you will never know if you are moving forward.

If it is a health issue like losing weight, then you must track your progress at a certain time of the week so that your results are consistent.

If it is building your own house, then regular meetings with all the tradespeople and project managers are crucial to make sure that time and finances are on track.

Lasting if you are running marketing campaigns for your business then you must monitor results to make sure you are not losing money. If the campaign is bombing then kill it, if it profitable then scale it up as much as you can.

So this is a personal development plan template for you to follow. I would really like to know how you get on and if you have anything that you don’t quite understand then please get in touch with me by clicking here.

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