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Personal Development – A Lifelong Journey To Create The Perfect Version Of Yourself Both Personally And Professionally For Business Purposes

A personal development article from home business lifestyle coach and mentor Mark Ford.

Your personal development starts from when you are born and take your first breathe in this beautiful world that we all live in. Life is an exciting adventure of developing life skills that form the person that you will grow into. In truth you will continue to develop and learn things right up till you take your final breathe.

personal development

Personal Development

There is a saying that “you learn something new everyday day” but it depends on the life skills that you pick up along the way, how you deal with what you learn, and what action you take. Personal development affects you in two ways. The first is physically as your body evolves through your life right from taking your first steps, speaking your first words, learning to read and write, watching and experience your body grow and coping with the changes at different stages of your life.

The other way is mentally, what goes on within that grey matter and that six inches of space between your ears. You will experience millions of emotions throughout your life and learn how to deal with thousands of scenarios. You are not perfect so there will be countless occasions where you will make mistakes, that I am afraid is life but there will also be countless times that you will work things out positively and ultimately prosper.

mark ford

Mark Ford

Before I go any further I would just like to introduce myself to you. May name is Mark Ford and for well over two decades I have been very successful home business owner within various business models and industries. As with everybody else who has ever lived I have had my fair share of challenges to deal with both personally and professionally and I have now made it my mission to loyally step up for other SO THAT they are given inner peace.

Also my mission is to pass on that experience to help individuals just like you to develop as people and help them create and operate successful home businesses. I work with high calibre individuals everyday to help them create the best version of themselves and personal development plays a major part of the programs that I have created to help them achieve their end goals.

In case you are not aware of my story I am a qualified lawyer and practiced law within the United Kingdom legal system for 29 years until finally I decided to make a life changing decision to leave and branch out in a totally new direction by setting up a property investment and management company with a very close friend of mine.

Also I closed down a very successful event management business that I had been operating for a number of years when I hit the total of 1000 gigs. So I am living proof that anybody can re-invent themselves and follow dreams, set new goals in life and achieve them.

I had to learn new skills both practically and more importantly develop new mindset skills to give me the belief that I could become successful in my new chosen career path. So if you are a professional person and looking for a new direction then I am here to help but it will mean that you will have to learn the fundamental skills to progress with your own personal development.

Therefore I am very excited to start a series of posts this week that are all dedicated to the different aspects of personal development and give you an insight to different programs, methods, techniques and tools that you can use to develop your talents and potential to enhance your quality of life and achieve the aspirations that you have set yourself.

Personal Development – What We Will Be looking At Over The Next Few Days

Today I am giving you a brief overview to what you can expect over the next few days, but I will be covering in great detail just what personal development is and I am sure that there will be things that have never occurred to you.

I will address the core benefits of personal development along with reasons why this should be your priority. I will give you simple tips to help you get started and look at things such as self- improvement and development and how to develop new skills sets to help you transition into becoming a new home business owner if this is the path that you want to embark on.

At some point we will look at developing a personal development plan so that you have a blueprint to work to and I am excited to share with you at the end of the week what I consider to be the most powerful process that you can go through to creating your ideal day, life and business that you can create within the digital economy.

I am no different to any other person regarding being very fortunate to have influential people at different stages of my life and I will explain the importance of mentorship. There is nothing more powerful than learning from successful people so that you can avoid making some costly mistakes and I will be sharing with you some industry leading names that you may want to follow and giving you some recommendations for resources that you may want to look at. This should be seen as investing in you and your future. You can’t figure everything out on your own, it simply is not possible.

Personal Development – Are You Ready To Create The Best Version Of Yourself?

There are some pre-requisites and they are as follows. You will need to embrace changes that you will need to make. There may be things that will make you feel uncomfortable and take you out of your comfort zone but that is a good thing, and you will need to be open minded on some of the things that you will learn over the next few days.

You also need to be an action taker to achieve positive results. Continually consuming and not putting into practise what you learn will only result in one thing and that is you stagnating and staying in the same state that you are currently in.

Actions speak louder than words and like to pride myself as someone who never procrastinates. I am always 100% all in that has always stood me in good stead and I consider this is one of the major factors to the level of success that I have achieved within my life.

Over the last few years I have been given the opportunity to give back and create immense value to society within my role of being a mentor to highly motivated entrepreneurs all over the world. What goes around comes around and although I have worked incredibly hard within my life I have had lots of people who have helped me which I am eternally grateful for.

discovering your why

Discovering Your Why

This is why I want to help you to discover your “WHY” in life. To find your purpose in life so that you can leave your mark on this world. To discover that fire in your belly and bring it to the fore so that one day you can be in the position of making an impact on people’s lives through the value that you provide.

So I hope that you are looking forward to the coming days just as much as I am. It is going to be fun because everybody needs some fun in their lives. Also it is going to be rewarding for you and me because you will learn things about yourself that you would have never thought existed. It will also help me with my own personal development as life is fluid and constantly changing so I will discover new things about myself which will contribute to help me serve you better.

If at any time you need more clarification and what I am going to share with you then please do not hesitate to connect with me. The sooner you contact me the sooner I can help you which is my main priority.

Some people look at personal development as a heavy subject, maybe they don’t understand it or are frightened at just what they will discover about the person they are. At the end of the day it is the lynchpin to what makes us who we are, it defines us and how other people look upon us.

So make sure you come back tomorrow for the first of the personal development series of articles that I will be publishing and don’t forget that you can contact me here if there is anything that you maybe unsure of and I will always do my very best to get back to you as soon as possible. Take care for now and as always I wish you every success.

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