Productivity Tips For Work From Home

Productivity Tips For Work From Home When All The Rar Rar Is Over From Mark Ford

Productivity Tips For Work From Home|Mark Ford

Productivity Tips For Work From Home From Mark Ford

Mark Ford, what on earth are you on about?

Well, that’s a very good question and let me take a moment to explain as I publish my next post in my daily blog post series.

Today, I share a productivity tips for work from home article and the importance of switching back into productivity mode after you have travelled around the world living the laptop lifestyle attending digital home business training events.

Now, how easy would it be to get home after a trip to Miami, a place I recently went to with the Digital Experts Academy, and then just flop into the chair and watch TV and relax for a few days whilst you recover from all the travelling.

Now, of course, it is sensible to rest after jet lag but we must also keep our home business ticking over.

Internet Laptop LifestyleThe beauty of an internet business, once you have it set up properly, is that it can run automatically, without you being there. However, it needs setting up and managing in the first place and we need to maintain the productivity levels to drive sales and reach out to help people.

When All The Rar Rar Is Said And Done…

The Rar… Rar… what I mean here is all the excitement, social times, fun, enjoyment and learning curves we go through at business events worldwide and attending forums, webinars, and just generally travelling on holiday, when it is all over we need to settle back into work mode and make things happen. Stay productive, get on with it!

So, lets look where I have been over the last six weeks or so.

Miami With The Digital Experts Academy Black Retreat – 6th/10th Sept 2014

Landmark Forum – London – 3rd to 7th October 2014

Landmark Forum

Landmark Forum

Six Figure Mentors Momentum Day London 6.9.14.

Six Figure Mentors Momentum Day 6.9.14.Digital Experts Academy Gold Event London 18/19.10.14.

digital experts academy gold eventGreg Scott – A Good Friend’s 50th Birthday Party 17.10.14.

Greg ScottWow, busy times but productivity must remain in focus to continue to build your home business Mark! – Yes, I agree…

So, lets look at some home business productivity tips!

Okay, all the partying and events are over, the rar, rar is over so let’s bullet point a few productivity points and link you to my time management video series.

What I do, is…

  • Work to a daily action plan that ensures you get everything done in the day that you need to get done, prioritizing tasks on the action list
  • Keep a timetable on my home office wall reminding me what to do when and who to speak to when, such as home business team members and prospects
  • Keep my files on my computer in an organized fashion
  • Set up domain and website lists so I know what domains and websites to market
  • Keep a marketing wheel reminding me of marketing strategies
  • Keep a demographic list reminding me who to market to
  • Keep a to do list and on the action plan sheet remind myself to complete one task a day off the to do list
  • Keep product lists so I know what products to promote and when
  • Arrange my day to do accounts first thing in the morning and marketing when I am most productive
  • Check in with my team members each week and write blogs daily
  • Whilst away at training events take laptop with me so that I can still do the daily blog

Well, there you go there are a few examples of being productive and organizing your work and administration in your home business.

Productivity tips for work from home – time management tips

What I find works is to be effective at managing time and to offer you some further productivity tips for work from home follow the link below. This will take you through to my time management blog posts and video series.

>>> Time management blog posts and video series.

I wish you every success

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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Thought for the day: Thanks to Gil Balfas for sharing “Being able to support the ones you love by doing something you love. That is all the success I need.” – it’s so true and relates to my thought for today about balance.

Yesterday, my son Daniel Ford spent the day with me and I was able to take him out to lunch and just relax in each others company, paying for the day from doing something I love, working from home. Success in itself, which does not need millions each time. Have a great Sunday to all my blog readers.

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