Push Button Money Is Not Possible

Push Button Money Is Not Possible Or Is It?

An article from Mark Ford exploring whether push button money is possible when making money online from home.

Mark Ford discusses push button money

Mark Ford Discusses Push Button Money

If you’re here looking for hyped up push button money, or a get rich quick business opportunity, then in my experience this does not work.

If you have an experience to share about push button money then please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post.

The question at the top of the page is… push button money is not possible or is it?

Well, here’s my views on it… when we chase money, rather than focus on providing value and helping people by offering our product and business solutions, it is all too easy to jump in and sign up to the hype on the back of promises to make money fast with just a push of a button to get rich quick.

We may have given up our job and desperately need to make money to pay the bills. We sign up to one or more of these push button money programs and think all our problems are over. We think that we can just spend a few minutes a day pushing buttons and make thousands of dollars, as some of the sales pages would have you think.

We soon learn that these only last, if at all, just a few short months and then we need to jump onto the next one and the next one. This becomes tiresome and we eventually stop doing this treating it as a part of our make money online educational curve.

We get fed up of spinning our wheels and make one of two choices, quit and go back to work, or quit the push button money internet marketing programs, shift our mindset and move towards becoming more and more of an online home business builder, building for the long term.


push button moneyDID IT WORK? – No!

In fact, all we really want is to have money and time freedom. Having a job, a franchise, being self employed, starting one of these home business opportunities, a get rich quick scheme even, is not what we really want, it is the time and money.

We look for the easy ball and in our early days, because we don’t know any better, we try these push button money get rich quick schemes and eventually learn that this does not work. We find that they do not deliver the amount of money needed to live a life of financial and time freedom and we wonder whether there is a true product behind the ‘business’, if that is what it is?

We keep having to re-invent the wheel time and time again, chasing the money time and time again. Tiresome, as I say…

Well, here’s my advice if you want to take it… forget it. If you are not prepared to work on your mindset, adjust to building a business from home that is sustainable and which will give you the money and time freedom you need to achieve your goals, then go back to the 9 to 5, or do something else. You will waste a lot of time and money on get rich quick schemes, and whilst being a part of one or two can serve to educate you how they work, (or don’t!) – they are best kept away from.

Digital businesses like the Six Figure Mentors or Copy This Idea… won’t be for you!

Copy This Idea Andrew ReynoldsTake “Copy This Idea” which shares some excellent home business ideas that you can copy from a multi millionaire UK businessman and entrepreneur, like any other serious business, it will still require some work and effort on your part or you won’t make a penny.

I don’t know about you, but I have come across endless home business opportunities that claim to be the easiest business idea online. Have you fallen for a few…? – Falling for the hype and the attractive compensation plans… Only to be left more broke than when you started!

But after years of working online from home, and seeing what works and doesn’t, and after spending thousands of dollars on all sorts of internet marketing programs, seminars, workshops, home business opportunites, I can offer you a couple of choices.

1. “Copy This Idea” – some great home business ideas that you can run from a laptop.

  • The start up costs are low (the book is under a tenner!)
  • You can do it from anywhere in the world – (has to be better than staring out of the same office window)
  • It’s not an MLM or any other form of internet marketing either.

For a review of what you get in the copy this idea book click the link below…

Click here for priceless information on how to copy this idea to make a very lucrative income from home.

2. Six Figure Mentors

Highly recommeded – Read the six figure mentors review here.

Push Button Money Conclusion

So, thanks for visiting this push button money blog post today… but if you’re not ready to change your life then…

home business success tips… maybe you dream about changing your life but you are not prepared to put in the time to make it happen.

Then, perhaps you want to stay in the safe zone and take no risks in life and that, therefore, a 9 to 5 job may be better for you.

You see, if you’re not ready to change your life… by making more money… and spending more time creating wonderful memories with your loved ones… then I can guarantee that this WON’T be for you… because this, like any other business opportunity, requires that you don’t treat it like a hobby, be serious about your business enjoying it at the same time, be committed to changing your circumstances, and implement exactly what you are taught.

Just Take Action!

So, if you’re not ready to change your life then don’t start a home business because this won’t work for you.

However, if you are ready to start creating the life of your dreams… and you are prepared to do what it takes… then this simple little idea to make money from home… is just what you need… Click the banner below for instant access.

I wish you every success.Mark Ford

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