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Rethinking the Modern House with Pioneer Adhesives’ EcoSIPS

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Modern House

Photo shows an ongoing construction of Pioneer Concept Home.The big star here is the ECO

Money News PH | Rethinking the Modern House with Pioneer Adhesives’ EcoSIPS | Many home builders, architects, and construction industry stakeholders believe that efficiency, sustainability, wellness, and connection with nature define the construction industry in 2023 and beyond. And with the best technology in this generation, it’s high time to rethink the current design approach to houses and start a new era in construction.
One of the key trends in the world today is a shift towards building homes that are eco-friendly and focus on a reduction in the consumption of energy and carbon emissions. In fact, some of the measures introduced to make each new home as environmentally friendly as possible include photovoltaic roof panels, increased wall, floor, and roof insulation, energy-efficient heating, and lighting systems, A+ rated appliances, and even compost bins to reduce the amount of household waste sent to landfill.

Low-Maintenance Materials

For busy young families, homeowners prefer homes that can be built with materials that don’t need to be constantly painted or maintained. Granite counters, Hardie plank siding, and a longer-lasting paint, for instance, offer a reduction of workload for homeowners. Many believe that people nowadays have more casual lifestyles than in the past and they expect their homes to reflect their lack of formality which means they all want things in their homes to make lives easier.

Outdoor and Indoor Living

Nowadays, buyers are also adding covers or screens to their outdoor spaces so they can use them year-round. They also like direct access from the master suite, as well as living areas to a patio or porch.

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are popular, along with walls of glass doors for visual connections between indoor and outdoor rooms.  Screened porches are also in because people want to use them all year round. Likewise, outdoor TVs and speakers are also popular for entertaining outside.

Flexible Rooms with Hybrid Interior Design

Nowadays, people like to put a flexible space on each level, such as a home office on the first floor that can morph into a guest room or a dining room and a playroom that can become a study upstairs. A room with a big table is also advisable. It can function as an office and then be cleared for occasional use as a dining room.

Moreover, the kitchen has become the showplace of the home and the largest area of the house now that everyone entertains casually.

For big houses, kitchen islands are getting bigger and are being designed for multifunctional use with materials that are anti-microbial and stain resistant.

Many home buyers today like the contemporary look, but prefer to tone it down for themselves. Millennials take more risks, are creative, and willing to mix different colors and design styles mixing traditional and western styles.

Pioneer Adhesives’ Pioneer Concept Homes  

Pioneer Adhesives Inc., formerly Republic Chemical Industries Inc., knows exactly what the Philippine dream home is all about. A wholly Filipino-owned manufacturing and distribution company, Pioneer Adhesives Inc., is one of the leaders in the marketplace and is committed to giving our customers excellent service, as well as reliable industrial and household adhesives, sealants, waterproofing, specialty coatings, and insulation in the country.

Now celebrating 65 years in the industry, Pioneer Adhesives’ well-known Pioneer brand of adhesives includes epoxies, cyanoacrylates, plastic resin glues, rubber cement, and white glues, among others. The sealants and coating range covers every major type from butyls and acrylic to urethanes and silicones. State-of-the-art insulation and packaging products are manufactured using polyurethane foam and expandable polystyrene.

Since its inception in 1958, the company has always kept its vision clear to develop fully its key resource – its people – to be responsible, responsive, and involved individuals to ensure the continued realization of its vision and to welcome tomorrow’s challenges.

Part of that challenge today is the start of Pioneer Adhesives’ Pioneer Concept Homes project.  Pioneer Concept Homes is a combination of what Pioneer can do for a typical house, in terms of products, systems, and services. The big star here is the ECO SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels), and all the other details, finishes, products, all come from Pioneer, so one can say “that is a Pioneer home”.

Building with EcoSIPS

SIPs are high-performance building systems for residential and light commercial construction. A panel consisting of two outer skins and an inner core of insulating materials to form a monolithic unit is pre-fabricated at the plant to fit nearly any building design. Building with SIPs will save you time, money, and labor because the structures last longer and are lighter than CHB (85% lighter). SIPs buildings are more comfortable and cooler (Excellent and consistent R-Value), has good acoustic performance and better seismic performance

Pioneer Concept Homes is a project of Pioneer Adhesives’ Pioneer Specialty Building Systems, Inc. (PSBSI).  A wholly owned subsidiary, PSBSI promotes and provides architects, contractors, and property owners with effective and reliable weatherproofing, floor coating, sealants, adhesives, cladding, and insulation systems and services.

And now, with Pioneer Adhesives’ expanding their construction products range – the Pioneer Pro — the range of projects for PSBSI is also growing. With Pioneer Concept Homes, you won’t have the hassle of buying and trying multiple different brands that add to the stress of putting up a house, when in Pioneer, you can get everything you’d need all in one place!

The general public, architects, and people who want to start building their homes are invited into this new and exciting journey of creating Pioneer homes.

For further information and queries, contact or visit Pioneer Adhesives Head Office, JWS Center, 731 Aurora Blvd, New Manila, Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manila.