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Roundtable ATM (AutoTech and Mobility) Spotlight: Grab Philippines’ Grace Vera Cruz to Deliver the Keynote Address

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Roundtable ATM (AutoTech and Mobility) Spotlight

Money NewsRoundtable ATM (AutoTech and Mobility) Spotlight: Grab Philippines’ Grace Vera Cruz to Deliver the Keynote Address | The Roundtable ATM (AutoTech and Mobility), scheduled on 29 August 2023 at the Asian Institute of Management-Dado Banatao Incubator, is expected to be a watershed moment for the future of the aforementioned industry in the Philippines. Leading figures from diverse fields, each with a unique and grounded perspective on the landscape’s rapid evolution, will share their expertise and vision.

 A standout moment of the event is the anticipated keynote address by Ms. Grace Vera Cruz, the esteemed Country Head for Grab Philippines. As the leader of Grab in the country, a pioneering industry force, and a ‘big sibling’ in the autotech and mobility sector, Vera Cruz embodies the excellence and innovation that emerging startups in this space aspire to achieve. Her extensive expertise in operations and strategy provides invaluable insights and direction for the autotech and mobility industries.

Following the keynote address will be valuable insights from technology entrepreneurs and startup founders who have been innovating the autotech and mobility landscape in the nation:

  • Forent: A dynamic peer-to-peer platform connecting car owners with renters, redefining community-driven mobility.
  • AutoServed: A digital platform connecting car owners to service providers, offering transparent pricing and real-time repair updates..
  • Oseas Tech: A platform connecting individuals and businesses with tailored insurance solutions, aligning protection with needs to ensure a fortified future.
  • FAME: A tech startup providing cutting-edge IoT solutions designed to advance and sustain global transportation and logistics.
  • LexMeet: A legal platform seamlessly connecting lawyers and clients through modernized and simplified legal consultations in real-time.

 The day promises to be action-packed right from the start, with the 7:30 AM registration handled by the proficient C4 Events team. Following an attendee callout by JT Solis, co-founder and CEO of agritech Mayani and an esteemed AIM-DBI Startup Alumnus, the stage will be set for the day’s illuminating discussions.

 Opening remarks will be made by Homer Nievera, an enabler of ATM through his influential Negosentro media group and the trailblazing startup, FAME. His insights are eagerly anticipated, given his pivotal role in shaping the discourse in this sector.

 The direction and vision of ATM will be delineated by Mr. Mark Saberola, founder of AutoServed, one of the pillar startups instrumental in the formation of the ATM association. His address will be followed by a deep dive into the proposed association’s legal architecture by Atty. Marlon Valderama, founder of LexMeet, elucidating the regulatory landscape and guidelines for stakeholders.

 Ms. Vera Cruz’s keynote address is expected to be a masterclass on the challenges and opportunities presented by technological disruptions in the mobility space, given her extensive experience at the helm of Grab Philippines and other top organizations.

 Prim Paypon, whose stewardship as Executive Director of AIM-DBI has been instrumental in propelling many startups to success, will deliver insightful closing remarks and hope to encourage everyone to take part.

 The Roundtable ATM is more than just an event; it is a turning point in the AutoTech and Mobility sector’s voyage in the Philippines. With such a distinguished panel, the future appears thrilling and promising.

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