Search Engine Optimization Basics

Search Engine Optimization Basics – Use These SEO Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

If your objective is to get organic traffic to your website from the search engines, then you will need to know some search engine optimization basics to improve your rankings.

Search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo use complicated algorithms which determine which websites hit the top spot on page one. They are constantly changing these algorithms, so for content marketers it can be very frustrating when they change the goal posts.

search engine optimization basics

Search Engine Optimization Basics

Saying that there are some search engine optimization basics that you will always need to know.

I am a very experienced content marketer and blogging is a particular favourite of mine, so I understand just how important search engine optimization is. The knowledge that I have accumulated over the last few years has contributed to me becoming a very successful affiliate marketer and blogging coach.

What I would like to do today is to share some valuable tips on search engine optimization, so that you can take away the search engine optimization basics to help you increase website traffic to your website and offers.

One thing that I will stress though is that building your search rankings does take some time. It will not happen overnight but if you are consistent then I am sure you will see some very positive results in your business, just like I have.

Search Engine Optimization Basics –  Tips On How To improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimization Basics Tip # 1 – Keyword Research

Keyword research is where your efforts should start. There is no point writing an article or creating a piece of content if you have not done your keyword research.

You should be concentrating on keywords that people are actively searching for within the search boxes of the popular search engines.

To do this there are some free keyword tools on the internet and some paid options. I suggest you look the the Google Keyword Planner to start with.

You should be looking for keywords that have a lot of people searching for them. Additionally you want to have the least number of competitors who are creating content for the keyword. That is the ideal scenario.

I have an E-book that is perfect for bloggers and content marketers called Your Blog Content. The reason I mention this is that I have a whole course on keyword research that I am offering as a free bonus to my e-book. The course is called “Keyword Goldmine” and you can find out more information by clicking here.

Search Engine Optimization Basics Tip # 2 – Write Quality & Unique Content

search engine optimization basics

Search Engine Optimization Basics

It is very important to write high quality and totally unique content. Under no circumstances should you just copy and paste content from other websites and post it onto your site.

The search engines frown upon duplicate content. It will harm your rankings massively if you do this. The search engines have spiders that crawl all over the content on the internet and this data is fed into the algorithms they use to rank websites and content. You will penalized if you adopt the short cut of stealing other people’s work.

There are many variations of content that you can write or create. You can write blog posts just like the one you are reading. You can create videos, Google loves videos so I would suggest posting them on YouTube and then embedding them on your site. The reason is Google owns YouTube and look favourably on sites with YouTube videos.

Mix up the content that you create. Be informative, humorous, entertaining and helpful. Put you personality into your content so that people get to know who you are and then they will begin to relate to you as a person.

Ask questions, post surveys and ask for feedback. This gets your audience engaged and if the search engines see lots of engagement then they will rank you higher.

Search Engine Optimization Basics Tip # 3 – Choose The Right Platform

When creating your blog or website then you should choose a recognized platform. My recommendation is to use WordPress. WordPress is a platform where you can create stunning and professional looking websites and Google loves WordPress sites. This website is created using WordPress.

WordPress sites are easy to optimize by using what are called plugins. Plugins add specific functions to websites and there are some really good search engine optimization plugins that will really get your website noticed.

Posting content on a WordPress website is relatively straight forward. It is similar to using a word processor and gives you the flexibility to incorporate the keywords in your titles, sub-titles and the body of your content. This helps your rankings.

The Your Blog Content e-book that I mentioned earlier covers all aspects of how to post content the correct way for search engine optimization purposes. Learn more here.

Search Engine Optimization Basics Tip # 4 – Your Social Media Profiles

You should create social media profiles on all the major platforms and then post content onto them. Again there are multiple ways that you can post content to your profiles and there are some great tools that you can use that will automatically post content from your site when you have created it.

This is a great way to generate traffic back to your website and the search engines pick up on this, and again this will improve your rankings.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Basics Tip # 5 – Back Linking

When you create great content, other websites will naturally back link to you.

You can also do it yourself by posting content on other platforms and linking back to your website within your content.

There are paid services that do this as well. Only use reputable services though as some people offer what are called “blackhat” tactics which will send a red flag to the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Basics Tip # 6 – Guest Posting

This is where you post content on other people’s websites. You have to ask permission from the website owner and then send the content to them so that they can post it.

Within your content add a link to your website but do not make it too blatant or spammy. A good way would be to add a contact us link to your signature on the guest post.

Search Engine Optimization Basics Tip # 7 – Be Patient

I said earlier that relying on search engines for organic traffic takes time. Do not expect to be on page 1 overnight. It can take weeks or even months but this strategy is seen as a long term method.

Be consistent in the creation of your content and once it is posted it is there forever and will be working for you for months and years in the future.

So I hope that you have taken great value out of these search engine optimization basics tips. Please take action on what I have shared and let me know your results.

Search Engine Optimization Basics and Tips – Closing Remarks

Whilst the above commentary will provide you with some good search engine optimization tips for your home business website content, remember that it is taking action that gets the result and not just reading posts and saying – that was a good blog post!

I will continue to provide you with each day more and more actionable home business information and on the topic of blogging and search engine optimization please also remember this…

Writing blog posts daily is not enough. For your content to reach your audience and provide you with subscribers and sales for your home business you have to do…

  • the market research for your audience
  • keyword research
  • write the blog based on that research
  • optimize the content through blog and content structure
  • syndicate the content – this is most important because putting a blog on your website and waiting for the search engines to pick it up, is not enough
  • and… have a conversion system in place where you build up the know, like and trust with your blog readers and your subscribers

If you go to Your Blog Content you will learn more about this because through this brand I am creating for my followers a line of information products to help with all of the above blogging and search engine optimization tips.

I wish you every success in running your home business and using these search engine optimization tips.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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