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Self Improvement – What Are The Core Benefits Of Personal Development?

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Mark Ford

A self improvement article from home business lifestyle coach Mark Ford

Welcome to the next article of this personal development series where I will be looking at self improvement and concentrating on the core benefits to personal development. Some people may think that to achieve self improvement you just need to buy a few books or courses and this will automatically help you as a person evolve into a higher calibre version of yourself. If it was that easy then everybody would be doing that but it involves investing in yourself and then being super proactive.

Instead of just sitting around waiting and wishing for things to happen you must go out there and grab every opportunity by the scruff of the neck. In short you are the one who has to make things happen and be accountable for everything decision that you may make. Sure, you will make mistakes and have hurdles to overcome but this should be embraced as it is part of your learning curve on this journey that you are taking, which is your life!

Every experience you have, both good and bad, will be rewarding in some regard but the first thing you need to do is make that commitment to self improvement to ultimately achieve personal fulfilment and happiness.

So this article is going to look at the core benefits of personal development and there are only just over a handful to look at so I promise that this will seem to heavy to consume. Each core element is vital to improving you as a person both for personal and business circumstances which often work hand in hand, one compliments each other especially if you are looking to become a business owner or entrepreneur. Let’s dive in!

Self Improvement – The Top Mindset Skills To Master

self improvement

Self Improvement

Being Self Aware – This is your starting point. You must be self-aware and no exactly who you are and this all stems for your own core beliefs. You should have you own believes and values that are close to your heart. What exactly do your stand for and what is your mission in life? What mission do you have in life and who do you want to touch and help?

You must have your own dreams in life and never look towards anybody else to copy and chase their dreams, always chase yours so that you can create the lifestyle that you want. You do this by setting your own goals and visioning what your ideal lifestyle is so that you can drive yourself forward.

Be aware of your surroundings, who you are with because the biggest computer in the world is your brain and you are constantly receiving information which can help you form a clear vision of what you want in life.

This information is usually a negative feeling or emotion which makes you feel bad. For example, you may be at work at are having a bad day, so you say to yourself “I hate my job, what sort of job do I want” or “I want to change my life, what resources do I need to make the changes I need?”.

So when bad emotions appear ask yourself questions on what exactly is making you feel this way and how you can come up with a solution. I know that may say very simple in theory but can be harder in practice, but I recommend you give it a go because it makes it a lot clearer in your mind just what you want out of life.

Knowing Where You Are Going – Once you are self aware then you will have a clear direction and path to take. You can set your goals which then helps you make clear cut decisions much more easily.

You can prioritise the tasks you need to undertake, and you will find that you may have been spending too much time on things that are unimportant which take up a lot of your day. Make a daily to do list or method of operation which will help you close in on all of your objectives.

This will streamline your whole operation and the knock-on effect of that is that you will find you have more time which will overall improve the quality of your life and work. In short, more is less!

developing a growth mindset

Developing A Growth Mindset

Being Laser Focused – Once you get to this point you will be acutely self-aware and have that clear direction to follow so you will be laser focused on everything in your life. The tasks that you undertake on a day to day basis will become effortless and not seem to be hard work and the results you achieve will continually get better and better.

Also by having that clarity and focus you will find that you become less distracted or when a distraction does come your way you will know how to handle it and move away from it. If you have set yourself any form of deadline then you will be confident that you will meet the commitments that you have set which will help you work much more effectively to create a better end product.

As you get better at the tasks you perform you will then enjoy doing them much more and will help you see the true value of what you are doing and trying to achieve.

Increase Motivation Levels – By now you will have a clear picture as to where you want your life to be and the methodology on how to make everything become real, so this will help you develop real motivation to see it all through right to the end.

motivation techniques

Motivation Techniques

You will be getting to a point where you can taste the success, it is palpable and at the end of your fingertips, so you will move heaven and earth to grab it with both hands. One thing that may put the brakes on is an overwhelming sense of the whole project but with a little bit of thought you will have the motivation to create a solution which maybe to break things down into smaller goals, building blocks and when you have this in place you will be at a point where your motivation levels are at their highest. Nothing is going to stop you now.

One thing to remember though is to take time out from no and again to asses that you are on the right track and if you are working to the plan you set up earlier there is no reason to think you won’t. Once you see that everything is coming together nicely it will give you that sot in the arm and kick you even further on with the project in hand.

Becoming Resilient –  At times things will get really tough and you will face some major scenarios to overcome. You will have to develop a skin that is as thick as an elephant to deflect things away and the doggedness to never give up, get back on your feet when things try to knock you out and develop the no quit attitude to survive.

You can’t stop these things from happening but the good news is that by now you will have developed the skills to overcome anything that life has to throw at you, and it will. Instead of panicking and getting stressed out you will be able to form a positive calculated plan of action and then execute that plan to get the ship back on an even keel and limit any potential damages.

Relationship Building – There are two types of relationships and they are good and bad. Everybody experiences these but when you have committed to self improvement through personal development you can determine which is which and act accordingly.

If you don’t look at the way you form relationships and act within them then you usually open yourself up to developing bad ones. This can be said in both your personal life and in business. Sometimes you get caught up in particular groups and those people become friends just because they are always around you. The relationship is a product of association and not much more, just because you are friendly to them and they reciprocate doesn’t make them your friend or you theirs.

True friends will go out of their way to help and expect nothing in return, some people have an agenda and because you have developed certain life skills by now you will be able to determine which side people fall into.

Also steer clear of negative people, you know the ones. People who are always looking on the dull side, the glass half empty type. People who are always looking for the way that something won’t work rather than being positive and look for the solution first.

So form relationships with positive and open-minded people as this will rub off on you. As I have said always be friendly but put the time and effort into the relationships that mean something.

Self Improvement – To Wrap Things Up

I hope that you can see the benefits of self improvement through personal development and if you are prepared to put the time and effort in then your life will become full and the rewards you receive can be off the charts. If you have any thoughts on what I have shared with you today then please contact me here but for now I wish you well.

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