Goal Setting and Time Management

I Want To Improve My Lifestyle But I Just Don’t Have The Time – Goal Setting and Time Management Can Help!


Goal Setting – I Don’t Have The Time!

Goal Setting | Managing TimeWhen we have set clear personal and business goals for ourselves we are less likely to say “I don’t have the time”. This limiting belief can be removed by ensuring we make time to carry out goal setting and know why we are doing something. Remember… if the ‘why’ is big enough we will be motivated to take action.

Taking action and achieving our goals means we will have the attributes of a successful person. What are they?

  1. Mission
  2. Purpose
  3. Goals
  4. Desire
  5. Motivation
  6. Self Belief

Goal Setting and Managing Your Time

When goal setting managing time is a crucial element that must be incorporated. The goals you set for yourself must be timed and achievable. It would be no good setting up unrealistic goals that cannot be achieved in the time you have allowed for yourself.

Having carried out goal setting a tip would be to break daily tasks down into time slots on a timetable (as I do) and make sure each day you carry out the ‘timed’ tasks that move you towards achieving your goals.

Consider this…we all have 168 hours a week. Say we spend 70 hours working on other jobs, 56 hours sleeping. Well, we still have 42 discretionary hours left to spend as we wish. If some of this time is spent working on a business opportunity that will help us acquire the attributes of a successful person and meet our short, medium and long term goals, then we do have the time!

On average a life is 4000 weeks.

  • How far are we at the moment through our weeks and life?
  • How long will we let time pass before we take action to achieve all the goals and dreams we keep talking about?

The words, “I don’t have time” are a limiting belief that will always stop us taking action if we let it. These words can often just be an excuse not to do something when goal setting and taking action will move us towards all we ever dreamed for ourselves.

You may also be interested in learning more about managing time better by visiting my time management blog post … at this link …

The more we do…the more success we will have… and the more we will become!

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I wish you every success.

Mark Ford

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4 Responses to Goal Setting and Time Management

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  2. Stuart Wright says:

    Hey Mark!
    When you chunk it down the words "I don't have time" are as much an excuse as a limiting belief. Truth is, we all have a choice about how we spend our time; some make conscious and self-serving choices, others leave it to their subconscious then wonder where time has gone.
    For those who make the choice to take control of their time and use it with purpose, your advice will greatly help their productivity and help them progress towards their own concept of success.

    • mfblog says:

      Stuart, wise words!

      Many people have challenges in life and where a solution is provided that involves extra work I have often heard the words, ‘I don’t have the time’ raised as an objection. This makes ‘time’ the limiting belief that you mention.

      Taking control of time and managing your time effectively is essential to be productive and successful, ensuring that high power money making activities are carried out at your most productive part of the day.

      Thanks for your comment that adds value to this post.

      Mark Ford

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