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What Is All This Six Figure Mentors Excitement About?

For anyone who is already a member of the Six Figure Mentors or who joins in the future, there are some very exciting times ahead. Rather than keep it all to myself I just had to share this with my blog readers so that you can consider whether you want to get involved with what will be a ‘high ticket’ home based business opportunity and internet marketing training program.

One of the founders of the Six Figure Mentors is Stuart Ross, and who better to explain what the Six Figure Mentors update is all about but Stuart Ross himself. Grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy the video below as Stuart tells us about the Six Figure Mentors 3.0. update due in September 2011.

Six Figure Mentors Video – Founder Stuart Ross

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How has the Six Figure Mentors helped Mark Ford? – My Story.

Six Figure Mentors  Mark FordI have devoted a number of years of my life to learning as much as I can about internet marketing. One of the things I have found is that the resources you need to run an online business successfully can be spread all over the place. To a certain degree this is unavoidable but I decided to carry out some research to see if I could find a high quality internet marketing training platform that I could join which would give me access to all the resources in the one central members area. My research led me to watch an income proof video from Stuart Ross, a well established and very successful internet marketer.

I left my contact details; I was so glad I did because what I received over the next seven days was access to a video series that covered internet marketing training on;

  1. Business Models
  2. List Building
  3. Marketing Funnels
  4. Traffic Generation
  5. Social Media
  6. Mentoring
  7. Mindset

Having taken the time to watch the videos and appreciated the value of the ‘on tap’ internet marketing training for my business that I was being offered, it did not take me much time to jump on board and join up by taking the 14 day trial for just $4.95.

(Update: Trial no longer available – applications being taken at > THIS SFM LINK)

This gave me access to the full internet marketing training system in the members area with the option to upgrade to a full $97.00 a month membership after the initial 14 day period had expired.

Having seen what was on offer during my 14 day trial it was easy for me to decide that this was for me and so I upgraded my membership to become a full associate of the Six Figure Mentors business.

I have bought many internet marketing products over the years and have literally spent thousands of dollars finding out what works and what doesn’t. Then when I learnt about the SFM I felt good. I was pleased that my research had resulted in finding an internet marketing product which would give me value for money and, by following the step by step approach, I could see it would work.

I was also very happy about finding a quality internet marketing training program that I could use in my business daily and which would give me access to an online community of internet marketers whose purpose is not so much to pitch their products and services at each other, but to share and add value to the community through the helpful information they all provide.

The importance of an online community…

Having an online community of like minded individuals you can engage with is important because working online from home can be a lonely affair.

When I think back to my time up on stage as a mobile DJ I remember it was a bit similar. You see I love music and I used to provide the music and book the entertainment for thousands of parties across the UK and I have also worked abroad.

When the audience, no matter what you played, just wouldn’t dance you need to call on your inner strength to just keep going, playing the music from all era’s and chatting away up on stage to keep the audience engaged with you. I felt isolated and on my own with it all at times but it’s like anything you either quit or you keep going until you eventually work it all out and succeed.

I mean how isolated do you feel when you play music at a party where you know your set has worked many times over and no matter what you do they just won’t dance for you. On one occasion I remember I went up to the bar and got myself a drink. I was asked what I was doing. I replied “I thought I would join the party because you don’t appear to want to dance to the music but just want to drink”. They said “yes we do want to dance” and I went back up on the stage with a load of requests and played them through. Guess what, a lot of the tracks were what I would have played anyway and they danced with me all night. Overall I had some great times providing entertainment for a variety of parties but at times you could be left wondering what do I have to do to get this crowd enjoying themselves and dancing to the music.

I went off on one there a bit but the point is to not quit, have belief in what you are doing, be prepared to learn and carry out the actions necessary to succeed. Just ‘keep going’, work through the challenges, take the rough with the smooth and you will win through.

Now, unless you pair up with your partner to do the work, working as an internet marketer can also take some ‘staying power’ and, like my DJ example, it can be a lonely affair sitting in front of your computer for hours on end. So yes, you may feel alone at times, I know I have, but keep that end game in mind and see your online business through.

As a home based internet marketer you will get great value from being a part of the Six Figure Mentors Community. If you join as an associate of the business then you won’t feel so alone, and you will have a number of top internet marketing mentors you can work with to help you succeed in your business.

I will be writing a Six Figure Community review in due course. If you would like to read this you will be able to visit the review site here > Visit Six Figure Mentors Community review

The Six Figure Mentors has only been going since 2010 and I am very happy with the decision I took in May 2011 to join up, because in the time I have been involved with this I have already seen the energy within the company to develop this into a top internet marketing training company.

The Six Figure Mentors associates have the opportunity to build teams, sell product in return for commissions, and there is a great sense of community through the numerous coffee calls, cocktail calls, master marketing trainings and the six figure community online website itself. Great value for your $97 a month membership which after you have built up your own team it can become free!

If you are a business opportunity seeker, new or experienced affiliate, internet or network marketer, the Six Figure Mentors will get you started, or enhance your knowledge and existing business in a big way. For me, Mark Ford, in addition to what I have mentioned above, my Six Figure Mentors membership has …

  • Given me a step by step internet marketing training system to follow
  • Helped me with setting up my own simple money making websites
  • Given me fully researched ‘niche’ and internet marketing products that I can sell on for an affiliate income
  • Enhanced my knowledge on how to market online the RIGHT way using free and paid advertising methods working to a marketing plan
  • Provided me with daily support, when I need it, from my own sponsor and the Six Figure Mentors community
  • Helped me keep up to date with what is working now
  • Given me access to training videos that add fresh content on a regular basis
  • An opportunity to attend weekly webinars which help me grow as an internet marketer, help me help others and get any questions answered on many subjects
  • An opportunity to attend every three months company momentum days where, rather than speak to everyone behind a computer screen, the members can meet up and network and learn more about what is going on within the company.
  • And, last but not least, all these benefits are also available to you if you join as a member in my team. Together, we can the enjoy one of the biggest benefits, the Six Figure Mentors community that I have mentioned earlier where we all help each other and learn from each other. You are not on your own with this!

The world of running an online business and internet marketing is complex and a high percentage of people fail through ‘information overload’ and lack of direction.

As a member of the Six Figure Mentors you have access to something that is crucial to your success online, a community of successful internet marketing mentors whose knowledge you can tap into daily.

Where you take action on what you learn you will put yourself amongst the smaller percentage of people who succeed with an online business, meeting your goals and above all else enjoying what this community of like minded people will do for you.

What’s even more exciting is that the members area and the business itself is being developed further through the implementation of the 3.0 version in September 2011. Stuart Ross says that this is ‘Six Figure Mentors’ on steroids and it is going to blow everyone away.

I am so glad I have taken the decision to be a part of this and I am now looking for open minded opportunity seekers, affiliate, internet and network marketers, who are serious about building a successful business and income online, to join my team and work with me to build this into what is going to be a very beneficial association for us all.

There couldn’t be a better time to get involved with the Six Figure Mentors. You will be in at a time when the company is introducing some major enhancements to what already is an excellent internet marketing training program. By following the training the potential is there for ‘high ticket’ commissions to be earnt and you will earn while you learn!

If you have struggled in the past with internet marketing, or you want to build further your existing online business, or maybe you want to build a home based business, then I really want to hear from you and show you how you can get involved with this.

To get started today, writing your own pay check with the power of this online community, click on the ‘join’ button below. I will then get in touch with you to take you through my induction program and introduce you into the business.

Note: the 14 day trial has been removed and admission to this internet marketing community is by way of an approved application > at this link or clcik join now.

Remember: Action Takers Are Life Changers!

Six Figure MentorsI look forward to working with you.

As part of your research on the SFM > also Click Here

>> Mark Ford’s Contact Details

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Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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6 Responses to Six Figure Mentors

  1. Paul Bursey says:

    Great blog post Mark, very informative.

  2. Stuart Wright says:

    Hey Mark!
    Thanks for your very detailed explanation of what The Six Figure Mentors has to offer. It’s clear that you’re passionate about the SFM and anyone who chooses to work with you will benefit greatly from your experience and enthusiasm.
    I’m looking forward to your follow-up post when you know more about SFM 3.0.

    • mfblog says:

      Thanks Stuart for your blog comment.

      Yes, I am passionate about the Six Figure Mentors which is key because we must have belief in the home based businesses that we are involved with to be motivated to learn and carry out the actions necessary to succeed.

      I am committed to supporting anyone who joins me in my team 100%. I have been putting together an induction program and support package for any new team members to get them started. This will be updated when 3.0. launches which is a very exciting prospect.

      I also look forward to providing a follow up post when I know more about SFM 3.0. and I will be writing a number of websites about the Six Figure Mentors to help provide information to anyone looking to find out what it is all about.

  3. Lewys Davies says:

    Hey Mark

    Great blog post and I love the detail of it.

    This will show everyone the amazing movement of the six figure mentors and that it is just getting bigger and bigger. Now is the right time for anyone wanting to get into this industry to jump on board.

    Great post and keep up the good work.