Six Figure Mentors Review Of The Momentum Day On The 18th February 2012

The Six Figure Mentors Review Of A Recent Momentum Day – The Uncut Version – Although Maybe The Work From Home Office Cat Made It the Cut Version… Enjoy

The Work From Home Office Cat

The Work From Home Office Cat – Jessie

Hello to all my blog readers… today I am excited to share with you some thoughts I had about a recent Six Figure Mentors Momentum day that I attended on Saturday the 18th February 2012.

A day packed with value, lots of educational material about the SFM marketing funnel, removing your fears by getting that parrot off your shoulder, using Social Media to enhance your relationship with your list, a lot on just being yourself and some great tips…


Today I would like to offer you access to a free set of marketing videos, the same videos that really helped me when I got started…

generate endless leadsIf you click the link below and leave me with your contact details I will be able to rush out to your first video on the SFM marketing formula.Marketing Video BootcampThanks for watching the Six Figure Mentors review video and I hope this has helped you. If it has please share it with your contacts by clicking on the share and follow icons below.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford – 17th March 2012

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7 Responses to Six Figure Mentors Review Of The Momentum Day On The 18th February 2012

  1. Saeeda Ahmed says:

    Great video Mark. A good reminder of the momentum day. We did learn lots of fantastic stuff and talking about our fears really helped me too, to try to overcome them. It was lovely to meet others in the community, but we didn’t actually get to meet, so hopefully we will next time.

  2. Ken Somerville says:


    Great video, and yes I love the cat. lol I wish I could have been at the momentum day, it sounds like it was a blast.

    Your Friend in Internet Marketing
    Ken Somerville

  3. Mark

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the Momentum Day but I can see that I’ll really must be at the next one!

    Many thanks for sharing.

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