Six Figure Mentors Success Steps

Six Figure Mentors Success Steps – The Steps To Take To Succeed With The Six Figure Mentors Professional Coaching, Marketing And Business Building Platform.

Mark Ford | Six Figure Mentors Success Steps

Mark Ford Discusses The Six Figure Mentors Success Steps

You and only you can determine how fast you build your internet business.

The Six Figure Mentors understand that you most likely have a busy life already and that carving out time to focus on your business may prove challenging.

Many of the top income earners in internet marketing reminisce about their late nights, early mornings and stolen minutes throughout the day as they learned how to market online and build their business.

The Six Figure Mentors encouragement to you is this: make your business a priority today, and you will reap the rewards of that choice in the future, for you and your family.

Just remember the two things you give up in the beginning is time and money – but remember these are the two things you get back ten fold when your internet business succeeds for the long term!

The Six Figure Mentors have put together a marketing blueprint training for you, so that you can plan your life accordingly. The SFM believes this is a highly effective tool that will serve you well throughout your life and they would encourage you to get in the habit today of planning your days and your weeks so that the most important items on your “To Do” list always get done first!

After all, those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

The Six Figure Mentors encourage you to plan to WIN!

Six Figure Mentors Success Steps – Start Home Business – The Take Action Points!

1. Set Up Your Office

•    Office Area:  Set up a specified area to work where it’s free from distractions.Six Figure Mentors Success Steps | Start Home Business

•    Internet Access: Set up a high-speed internet connection (if possible). Speed = efficiency and productivity.

•    Telephone: Set up a dedicated phone line that only you answer (if possible) with a professional voicemail message.

•    Schedule: Put your schedule in writing using worksheets you will set up for yourself. Creating a daily/weekly schedule for yourself will actually give you more freedom and increase your productivity.

When you’re working on your business don’t allow distractions to creep in and be sure to schedule recreational time with your friends and your family. Your brain needs the downtime! Without a schedule entrepreneurs can easily spend 8 hours completing a task that should have only taken 2 hours.

Sticking to your schedule will increase your productivity and increase the amount of free time you have to enjoy life! Let your family know not to distract you when you’re “in the office” working.

•    Commitment: Remember, this is your business. If you treat it like a business, you’ll get paid like a business. If you treat it like a hobby, you’ll pay for it like a hobby.

If you take your business seriously and stay committed, so will your prospects and new team members.

2. Attend Live Training Calls & Webinars

If you become a member of the Six Figure Mentors you will be able to attend regular live training calls and webinars.

Also, set up in your timetable the times when other mentors you are following run their training calls, and attend those too.

3. Share Your Story

Team SuccessThere is no better first step in establishing your leadership than sharing your experience about your business on Social Media, with fellow peers in your business, and by writing a blog post to tell everyone a bit more about yourself and the business.

4. Review Your Marketing System

You should review your own marketing system. Check your landing pages are working, your websites are live, your emails are being sent, add the personal touch to outgoing emails.

5. Begin Internet Marketing

online businessMake sure you take action EVERY day and do some internet marketing! Remember, learn one marketing strategy at a time and then move onto another once you have started generated consistent lead flow with your chosen strategy.

6. Attend Live Offline Events

Did you know that the Six Figure Mentors have found that students who attend live events make 400% more (on average) than members who skip the live events? Why? Because attending live events allows serious entrepreneurs to receive invaluable training, access to cutting edge resources and marketing strategies and, most importantly, to connect and network with other entrepreneurs.

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross actually first met at the bar when attending a live marketing event! Without that chance encounter they may never have taken Six Fifure Mentors to where it is today.

You never know who you’re going to meet and what will possibilities will arise out of those new relationships.

Most first-time attendees come away with a newfound confidence knowing that the only thing separating them from the top income earners is marketing education and time.

Six Figure Mentors Success Steps – Final Word!

The Six Figure Mentors have got the education. Can you make the time? Yes… click the banner below and receive a free bootcamp…

Six Figure Mentors

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Enjoy… and every success.

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