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Team Members Bonuses From Mark Ford

“If You Decide To Join One Or More Of Mark Ford’s Home Based Businesses… Then … You Are In The Right Place To Discover The Advice & Guidance And The Free Team Bonus Products That Will Be Made Available To You From Mark Ford

Networking Together We Achieve More!

A warm welcome to you and thank you for considering my my home business network.

My name is Mark Ford and I work as a home business and digital online business entrepreneur, marketer and mentor.

If you would like to find out more about me please visit my ‘About Me Page‘ where you will be able to read my full story.

I share with you how I went from a job in a legal office, living paycheck to paycheck, to a work from home entrepreneur building multiple income streams that have now replaced my previous full time income.

I am now pleased to say that I have taken the actions that are necessary to build a six figure income working online, and you can do the same.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

My personal website, Mark Fords Blog, is updated on a regular basis and you can read the latest informative blog posts and news at ‘My News And Updates Page‘.

I will be very pleased to have you in my team and I would then congratulate you on taking a decision to sign up to a new business, a business that, when you take the necessary actions, will change your life.

I am someone who can help and support you with your work from home business.

By working as a team we can look forward to building multiple income streams, enjoying the journey together as we succeed with our home based businesses.

Upline Support – Mark Ford

I know how it feels to sign up to home based businesses and receive no support from your upline sponsor. You are brought to the line to join the business, you sign up and then you don’t hear from the sponsor again.

I want to be different and give the words ‘building a team of home based entrepreneurs’ more than just lip service. Building a team means just that, putting the work and hours in to build a team and then work together as a team afterwards.

I will do my part and if you join one or more of my businesses, I ask you to do the same.

Team Success

Team Success

As a part of this I have worked very hard to put together a team advice and guidance system.

Read on to find out more…

Remember that I am just like you. I am an affiliate or associate of the business that you may join and I may not have all the answers.

It is the company behind the home business income opportunity that provides the support on any support issues you have.

My role is to advice and guide you and fulfil my responsibilities as your mentor. And… that is what I offer to do for you!

If you decide to join me I will do my very best to help and support you with the development of your business.

When you have put all your foundations and marketing systems in place you will be able to create a lifestyle where you decide what you do and when you do it, and work towards living a life of financial and time freedom.

Advice & Guidance From Mark Ford For Team Members And How It Works!

I list below the support package and the team bonus products that you will receive when you join me!

Support Package

Wherever you are in the world, I am committed to supporting every member of my teams. I have, therefore, put together a valuable support package that is delivered to you when you join my business.

When you sign up to one or more of my businesses I will receive an email notification to advise me that you have joined my business. A welcome email will then be sent to you linking you to a website in my network, where I will ask you to leave me with your name and email address. This will put you onto my team lists so that I can keep you up to date.

You will then receive a further email communication from me. This will contain a password and a link that will take you through to a team support page on this website.

The next stage will then be for you to go through to the Ten Point Success Formula team website where you will be able to download your support package.

(Note… I have set out for you further information on the team website towards the bottom of this page.)

This support package gives you an overview of the whole system, how it all works and a step by step guide to get the most from the business that you decide to join.

We can work together at a pace that is best for you but I have put together this support package to help you get started and point you in the right direction.

You will work out what works best for you and you will have access to all you need in the back office of the business that you have chosen to join. However, my objective is to supplement this by giving you a step by step approach and a run through of what you need to do to get started and succeed with your new home based business.

Free Bonus Product Packages

As a paid member of my team you get a number of bonuses. These are provided as my way of saying thank you and to help you with your business. There is no charge for these bonus products from me. Remember… to get access to these bonus products you need to be a paid up member of my teams and not just have taken out a free account!

Take your time to go through the material bit by bit and at a pace that is right for you. Why have I done this for you…

I believe in giving tremendous value in everything I do and, therefore, I will make available to you a team bonus product package as a thank you for joining me… AND so it is my pleasure to present to you, not one but twenty six bonus products … put together for you by Mark Ford.

And All Of This Can Be Yours Absolutely FREE… And It Is Provided IN ADDITION To Any Bonuses You May Get From The Business You Join.

So, what’s on offer. Simply put, bonuses that will ENHANCE your use of the home business system that you have bought into.

You could just use all the resources available to you in the back office of your business… BUT I aim to help you further by giving you some supplementary tools and resources to put into your ‘work from home online’ tool bag … AND, so here goes, I present to you the first bonus.

Six Figure Mentors BonusBONUS #1. High End Affiliate Marketing – How To Successfully Sell High End Affiliate Products. For added value you get this as an eBook and also as an audio.

Affiliate Marketing Book

Six Figure Mentors BonusBONUS #2. Affiliate Rockstar Ebook – Fast Action Strategies to making an absolute fortune in affiliate marketing, even if you are just getting started.

Become a Fast Action Strategies to making an absolute fortune in affiliate marketingRockstar Affiliate!

  • Learn how to eliminate faulty campaigns and skyrocket your income instantly, with proven strategies from affiliate marketing pros!
  • How to create traffic-sucking affiliate web pages that will gain instant rankings in the search engines!
  • The top methods of “product selection” that will maximize your income while minimizing “duds”!
  • What savvy affiliate marketers are doing that ultimately TRIPLE their income with just a few hours a week and how you can also succeed!
  • And much more!


Six Figure Mentors BonusBONUS #3. Affiliate Marketing Ideas High Quality Ebook

Affiliate marketing is an outstanding way to get started making money online, because you don’t have to invest too much money, you don’t have to have your own products, and you don’t have to deal with customer service or shipping.

Affiliate Marketing IdeasAll you really need to be successful in affiliate marketing is a strong desire to succeed and the knowledge to make it happen. I can’t give you the motivation you need, but I can certainly get you started by giving you this free informational resource so you can gain the knowledge you require.

In this report, you’re going to learn the basics of getting started with affiliate marketing. You’ll learn how to choose profitable niches, how to choose the right affiliate products to promote, and how to get traffic to your offers.

Everything you will be shown will require little or no upfront investment, and very little technical knowledge.

Six Figure Mentors BonusBONUS #4. Effective Copywriting 101 eBook

Effective Copywriting


Discover the Simple Step by Step Methods And Techniques To Creating Your Own Hypnotic Sales Copy.

Follow the techniques outlined in this copywriting tips guide and create sales copy for your affiliate websites that increases your conversion rates.

Six Figure Mentors BonusBONUS #5. List Building News


37 Profitable Opt In List Strategies For You To Follow

Powerful List Building Strategies


An educational resource packed full of hints and tips on how you can implement a number of list building strategies into your business. Co-registration, article writing, viral eBooks, and joint ventures are all covered and more!


Six Figure Mentors Bonus

BONUS #6A Killer Package of Informational Material

  • Autopilot Traffic Streams
  • The Affiliate Marketing Success Road Map
  • The Complete Blog & Ping Tutorial
  • How To Use Incentives & Leveraging To Profit from Affiliate Programs

SURPRISE BONUS #7. An Internet Glossary

When we run an online business as an affiliate or as an internet marketer we come across lots of different technical information and phrases. To help with this I have made available an internet glossary Ebook covering all the terminology you need to know and understand when working online.

Six Figure Mentors BonusBONUS #8. Finding Your Niche


How To Select A Profitable NicheA tutorial that will help you learn how to research niche markets. Selecting the right niche market to promote your own product or an affiliate product into is obviously crucial to your success online.

I have included this guide because it will walk you through everything you need to know when selecting your new niche.

This 24 page guide is provided free of charge as part of this bonus package and the report enables you to learn how to select a profitable niche to create and market an information product.

Six Figure Mentors BonusBONUS #9. A Set of WordPress VideosWordpress Mastery Videos

As a member of my team I can make available to you the complete set of WordPress Videos.

This comprises of a comprehensive set of SIXTY High Quality “How To” Videos relating to Blogging and WordPress.

These WordPress Video Tutorials will walk you through all the important aspects of building a WordPress blog so that you can master WordPress.

You get all 60 videos from me, free of charge, for your personal use to learn all you will ever need to know about setting up and managing your WordPress Blog.

To read a full run down of the benefits and value of having this product in your toolbox visit my WordPress Video Tutorials website. < Note: Normally sold for $27.

BONUS #10. A Free Internet Marketing Report.Internet Marketing Guide

A 310 page Internet marketing guide From Mark Ford.

BONUS #11.

48 Hour Affiliate Marketing Action Plan eBookAffiliate Marketing eBook

Learn how to set up your online empire, finally achieve your dreams and live the life you really want!

BONUS #12. ebook Marketing

Expert guide to eBook marketing from Mark Ford.

BONUS #13. Free eBook Online Business Guide

Stuart Ross: The Five Ingredients Needed For Success

BONUS #14. Free eBook – Internet Laptop Lifestyle Insider Secrets


Free eBook

Profitable List Building.

< Insider Secrets Report

BONUS #15.

Pathways to Financial Freedom eBook

BONUS #16.

The Science of Getting Rich eBook

AND… to top it all off, you get all the resources that I have mentioned in the video towards the top of the page… including… free access to 10 membership sites giving you the whole A to Z of what you need to succeed with your home based business.

See what you get from Mark Ford below!… Free Silver Membership to…

BONUS #17. Traffic Generation Club

BONUS #18. Affiliate Profits Club

BONUS #19. eMarketers Club

BONUS #20. Web Profits Club

BONUS #21. Power Copy Club

BONUS #22. Power Marketers Club

BONUS #23. Product Profits Club

BONUS #24. Wealth Upgrade Club

BONUS #25. Membership Marketers Club

Membership Marketers Club.. you will be sharing everything your members need to know about market research, set up and choosing the right software all the way through to pricing strategy, membership models and retaining members.

BONUS #26. Success Upgrade

At Success Upgrade you will be sharing everything your members need to know about market research, set up and choosing the right software all the way through to pricing strategy, membership models and retaining members.

It is my pleasure to offer these twenty six bonus products to people who decide to join one or more of my businesses as a paid member of my team.

When I am notified that you have joined my teams as a paid member, I will provide you with access to the Ten Point Success Formula website where you will be able to download these products.

Enjoy the information packages and all resources with my compliments!

Training Webinars and Video Communications

In addition, I have invested in a Webinar System and I will be using this to offer support, help, updates and ongoing training for my team members.

Each week, you will receive a link to a webinar registration page and having registered with me you will then be able to access the ‘free webinars’ that I will be setting up for my team members.


Skype Call MeA. Skype Team Training Consultations

To start with I offer free consultations on Skype where we discuss the setting up of your SFM business and back office, your website network, your sales funnels, marketing strategies, your goals, the team advice and guidance system and question and answer sessions.

To get started with the setting up of your business you will need to create a sales funnel using > AWEBER < > Create An Account Here.

I look forward to speaking with you soon on Skype when you join my SFM team.

B. Skype Chat Room

I will also consider setting up Skype chat rooms specifically for my team members, where we can all interact and network on Skype.

This facilty will also allow members of Mark Ford’s business teams to interact and get to know each other. The emphasis in the Skype chat rooms will be on building relationships, sharing information and helping each other with our online businesses.

You will receive an invitation within the support package to join the Skype chat room for the business that you have joined.

Face to Face Meetings & Induction Training

An Extra Benefit For Six Figure Mentors Elite Team Members

Where practicable, you will be offered face to face meetings where we can meet at an agreed time and work through an induction program together. Again, this is with the objective of supplementing what is available to you from the Six Figure Mentors.

  • Elite team members outside of the UK will be offered an initial two days training over Skype, running from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. UK time.
  • Elite team members within the UK will be offered two days face to face training at an agreed venue, running from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. UK time.

This is offered to help get you going in the right direction with your business.

Social Media Channels

If you want to discuss any issues with me as your sponsor, you can also make contact with me through my social media channels (contact details at this link.)

In conjunction with SFM Elite members, Greg and Fiona Scott, we have set up a Digital Marketers Mastermind Facebook Group where team members can connect and interact.

Team Training Website

I am also working on a team website which you will be able to access at The Ten Point Success – this will give you step by step guides and access to resources that will help you succeed with your home based business.

Within the members area you will also find information on how to get started with your business, links to relevant content on other websites, and a link to download your support package from Mark Ford for your new business.

Note: All the links that you need to access the bonus products, support package and all other elements of the advice and guidance system are accessible within The Ten Point Success

The last resource mentioned, The Ten Point Success Formula, is a key part of my advice and guidance system and it has been set up for you as a private membership site with free access to team members.

A lot of time, effort and money has been put into the creation of the team website for you, and I will be developing it further over the coming months and years.

Note: You are only given access to the team website when you join one or more of my home businesses at this link and you must be a paid member and not someone who holds a free account.

As a team member, you will be provided with a password to access the part of the website covering the home business you have joined.

Please respect the privacy of this website. Access is only available to paid up members of Mark Ford’s teams. If you share the password and content with anyone outside of our teams then you will lose access to the Ten Point Success Formula team website and all resources mentioned on this page. I will also be forced to consider withdrawing my support towards you, which is not what is intended.

Annual Team Workshop Meetings

When the needs of the team members are such that a workshop would help to solve any issues we may have, Mark Ford will set this up and invite team members to attend.

The material that we go through at these workshops will also be published to all team members within two weeks of the event.

Email Communications With News and Updates

Contact Mark Ford

Contact by Email

When you leave me with your name and email address, I will keep you up to date with the latest news about the business you have joined.

It is your responsibility to keep up to date with what is happening in the business you have joined, and to help your own downlines. However, through the various communication channels that I have listed on this page I will also do my very best to keep you informed as we build our businesses together as a team.

Mark Ford’s Helpdesk

I have also set up a helpdesk where you will find frequent questions that I get asked about the home based businesses that I am involved with.

You may also find the FAQ link on this website useful.

I have posted my answers to these question at the helpdesk and you will be given a link within your support package downloadable from the team website.

Closing Comments

As you can see a lot of thought and work has gone into putting this advice and guidance system and bonus product package together for you.

Thank you for considering joining one or more of my home businesses and it is great to be able to share information with you and do business together. You will find a listing of all the various home based businesses that you can join with me on my business opportunities page.

AND BEFORE I GO… A Top Tip For The Successful Marketing Of Your New Home And Online Business:

The Six Figure Mentors is what I use as an online marketing solution for my home based businesses and > products.

It is not enough to just sign up to an income and business opportunity. To be successful we have to learn how to market ourselves and our business. The Six Figure Mentors is a top solution for this and one that I highly recommend.

To find out more click the banner below.

The Six Figure Mentors

Please contact Mark Ford if I can be of assistance to you in any way by completing the contact form below.

Comments or questions are welcome.

* indicates required field

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Well… that’s all folks… for now and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

I wish you every success with your own home based business.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Business Owner – Publishing Information on Business Opportunities Working From Home, Marketing And Mentoring.

Home Based Business Gift From Mark Ford

Home Based Business Gift From Mark Ford

P.S. I nearly forgot… a little extra bonus for you. A torch pen from Mark Ford, with my business name, Nice Money Publications, and website address on the pen. Sent to you as a free gift when you join as a paid member of one of my home based businesses.

Team Bonuses – Top of Page

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