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Start A Home Based Business – Getting Started!

When you start a home based business there will be some things you are going to need to have in place.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Start A Home Based Business Blog Post

Today, I am going to share with you some excellent information provided by one of my Six Figure Mentors team members, Andy Gelder from one of his home business blog posts.

Andy Gelder shared this with me and as I found the information helpful, I can now share it with my blog readers.

Here’s what Andy says…

“I will be giving you some basic information about some of the things you are going to need and things you will need to do to get set up ready to start a home based business.

Setting in place some solid foundations is very important and it will serve you well further down the road. So please don’t penny pinch your business, make sure you invest wisely and have the correct tools for the job.

Start A Home Based Business Tools For The Job

First and foremost you are going to need a computer.

Start A Home Based Business Computer

Start A Home Based Business Computer

Desktop computer, laptop or maybe a tablet like an iPad. You are going to need something that has a reasonably fast processor and a computer that can cope with high speed broadband too.

Now you don’t need to go out and spend loads of money on flashy new equipment because you can easily get your current computer upgraded at much less cost than going and spending hundreds of dollars on new equipment. (That is unless your computer is so old that they are unable to upgrade it for you.)

Talk to your local computer shop and get some advice from them to find out the specifications you will need.

High Speed Internet Connection.

This is going to be preferable to build an online marketing business from home. However if a high speed connection is not available in your area then don’t worry too much because at some point we will all be hooked up to high speed connections, it’s the future of the internet to have high speed internet connections.

Talk to your local internet provider and see what packages are available at what cost. The faster you can get the better.

A Place To Work.

Start A Home Based Business Workplace

Start A Home Based Business Workplace

You are going to need somewhere quiet to work, not only for yourself but for other members of the family or household. That is unless you live on your own. It could be the kitchen table, living room but ideally a spare room, maybe the small bedroom (that’s where I am now) that you can convert into an office. That way you can do what you need to be getting on with without being disturbed or without disturbing other people in the house too.

You are going to need an oil lamp too and some midnight oil.. your probably going to be burning at lot of that in your early days!!

In Your Place To Work You Will Need Additional Basic Equipment.

You are also going to need some other basic equipment such as:


Start A Home Based Business PrinterPersonally I would recommend that you get a multi function printer that can carry out functions such as scanning, photocopying and faxing. They are so cheap to buy now and that is the reason I have one. I went to purchase a full set of cartridges for my old printer and it worked out cheaper to buy a new printer/scanner/copier.

External Speakers/Webcam.

Start A Home Based Business SpeakersYou are going to spend some time listening to tutorials, live or recorded webinars and maybe doing Skype calls so it’s good to have external speakers or maybe some headphones with a built in microphone. Another useful piece of equipment would be a webcam so you can have one on one training with your mentor.


It’s a good idea to have a phone in your office even if it is connected to the main house phone with an extension or with a wireless handset device.

If funds allow get an extra phone fitted so you can keep business on a separate line. I have an internet phone which just connects to my modem and cost me only $4 per month. The advantage with an internet phone is I can take this anywhere in the world with me and I can call back home or home and business can call me at the same rate as if I were at home. They would not even know I was away.


It is important to have some kind of working diary/calendar system.

I use both. I have an A4 hard back diary that I use as a planner and make general notes in it. Although it is quite a big diary, being an A4, I do carry it around with me most of the time. But this is what I use for all my weekly reminders and events in the future, this is especially useful whilst out and about when you haven’t got your diary with you.

Google Calendar. If you have an iPhone or a Smart Phone there is an app for this great tool. You can set it to send you an agenda daily which is emailed to you at 5 am every morning, you can also set it to send you a text message just before an appointment or reminder at no cost to you at all. You can also share calendars with other’s that also have a google calendar enabling you to set meetings with people when they are free.


What is a journal and what are it’s uses?

I use a journal every day in such a wide variety of ways. A journal can be used to capture information that you come across daily. As I have already said earlier, you will be attending live or recorded webinars and listening to tutorials so you will need somewhere to make notes. This way you can refer back to your notes again and again.

You can also use your journal for jotting down ideas for blog posts you want to write or any other ideas you may wish to follow through on. Note it down in your journal instead of a piece of paper that you could misplace.

I started using a journal in late 1999 and to this day I still have them all. I sometimes look back through them to see what pearls of wisdom I found back then that I may want to put to use again. You can pass them down to the next generation as well, I am sure they will make some interesting reading for someone.

System For Manual Filing.

You are going to need a system for filing things manually. Yes a lot of receipts you can keep and file electronically but some purchases i.e. stationary, postage and household bills will need to be filed manually for your accountant.


You will most definitely need an accountant (that is unless you already are one or have accounting experience). Some accountants specialise in specific areas so choose wisely when searching for one.

Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest; find one that gives you the services that you want.

When you are working from home in Network Marketing or Internet Marketing it is important that they are fully aware what can and cannot be claimed for in these industries.

That is the first of my step by step guides on how to get started in the home based business industry and making money online. I hope that it has been of some use to you. If you have any questions or comments to make about this post I would love to hear from you. Please use the comments box below or the contact me tab.

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Well there you go… thanks Andy Gelder who wishes you every success in setting up your home based business.

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