Successful Person

Successful Person – What Are The Key Attributes That A Person Has To Become Successful In Life?

An article from home business lifestyle coach Mark Ford where he investigates what makes a successful person in both their personal and professional life.

successful person

Successful Person

Successful Person – It’s Not Just About Money!

Many people have this misconception that someone is only a successful person if they have a large bank balance, which could never be further from the truth. Fair enough if someone has built up a business from the ground up and made a lot of money in the process then yes, they can claim success, but there are many other factors in life which can determine success.

Throughout anyone’s life there are stages that they go through where they will achieve something. Right from learning to walk and talk, read and write and then go through a comprehensive education system to gain the credentials to go out into the big wide world of business and commerce.

Then you must look at things that are more personal like raising a family which can arguably be the most daunting and rewarding thing that anyone can do in their life. Now I realise that in some circumstances this cannot happen for everyone and in no way do I mean to so sound insensitive, but if you bring a life into the world, love and nurture that person to become the best version of themselves, then that could be seen as the ultimate accolade for any parent. This is probably the most successful thing anyone can do, to create a family unit that has the most special bond in life that is also lifelong!

So how do you gauge success, sit down and think about this for a moment. Do you look at what you have achieved or are you constantly trying to compare yourself with other people? I am sure that if you look closely at your life then you will find that you are more successful than what you may think.

You are unique, a special person with tons of value that you can give to the world. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else because all you are doing is putting pressure on your shoulders to try and emulate them and any success that they may have achieved.

One thing to consider is that if you are happy with your life then you are already successful. Everyday wake up take a look around your environment and what you have in your life and be grateful for it, but think about what you can do through the day to make your world and the people around you better. Then act on it and by the time you lay your head on your pillow at the end of the day the day will have been successful. Something to think about!

Successful Person – Sport!

When you look at sports everything is concentrated on being the number 1 both in team and individual sport. Looking at the trophy cabinet to see how much silverware and medals you have. You should always play something to win otherwise there is no point but there is also success within defeat. Some of those medals and trophies may be for coming second or third which is still an incredible achievement.

olympic games podium

Olympic Games Podium

People say that no one ever remembers a loser, which is a horrible word by the way, but if you look at the Olympics and see the joy on the faces of the competitors that get the Silver and Bronze medal then in my eyes they are not losers and should be remembered for their success. All the dedication that they have put in from a very young age to get to that point in their life should be applauded to the highest level. Each and everyone of them is a successful person and this can be applied to the whole sporting world in general.

Let’s look at business for a moment. Say you have two individuals who both set up a new business. After one year the first has generated $50,000 in sales and the second has generated $250,000 in sales. Who has been more successful?

Some people would say the second person because the only thing they are measuring is the amount of money generated which can be a little narrow minded. Why do I say that?

Well there are many different factors to take into consideration. Look at it like this. Both people started off at zero and have got positive results so they are both a success. They would have had to build the infrastructure of their business whether that is websites, premises, licences, overall business structure like bank accounts and accountants. Again they are both successful people.

successful business

Successful Business

Then you must look at the products and services that they are offering. They might be selling at different price points and in totally different niches or industries. For example, the first person sells their products and services for $1000 and the second person sells their products and services for $5000. This means that they have each sold 50 products so when it comes to marketing their products and services they are just as successful as each other.

That is why I say you should never compare yourself to other people as this will lead you to lose your focus and motivation that I have talked about in other articles within this week’s series dedicated to personal development. So if you have not had the chance yet, make sure you check out the other articles I have written to learn more about personal development techniques and how to create your own personal development plan.

So now we have looked at various examples of what makes a successful person let’s look into what successful people do on a daily basis

Successful Person – The Common Traits Of Successful People

Look For Opportunities – There are opportunities all around us and the trick is to spot them. Then usually what happens is that you get introduced to people and this is where you need to take advantage of things. This is where you can build long lasting relationships which could potential develop into great things. Don’t let things slip through your fingertips.

Build The Relationship – What I mean by this is to always remember the little things. Never forget people’s names and play close attention to what they are doing in their lives. If they mention that they are off on holiday, then make sure the next time you see them you ask if they had a good time.

If you admire what they have done professionally then make sure you tell them that and take interest in what they are doing. Never be afraid to send them an email or text just to say hello and ask how they are as it will go a long way and they will remember you.

Educate Yourself – Whether you read books, watch videos or listen to podcasts you should constantly educate yourself so that you keep up to date on what is happening in the world and your industry.

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle – Your health can affect the decisions that you make both personally and professionally, so you need to be aware of your health and try to live the healthiest lifestyle you can.

lead a healthy lifestyle

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Concentrate on nutrition and exercise. Make sure you fuel you body with good ingredients and take regular exercise, even if it is only a half an hour walk a day. It increases mobility and gets the blood pumping which keeps your brain active which leads to productivity.

Adaptability – You must be flexible and adaptable to everything in life and successful people can change the way they do things at a drop of the hat. The world evolves daily so you need to evolve with it to keep up to speed. Here you may find yourself feeling vulnerable and out of your comfort zone, but you must plough forward and work through this to come out the other side a better person.

Goal Setting – All successful people set goals both in their private and professional lives. This gives you something to work towards and a reason for what you are doing. One thing here is to look at the overall goal and then break it down into mini goals or in other words stepping stones.

Then tackle each step at a time because it will be easier for you and you will not become overwhelmed. Then when you reach each milestone there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a reward for your achievements because at the end of the day you have deserved it.

Create A Great Circle Of Influence – Successful people have a great circle of influence, people who are like them in many ways. This is what you need to do as it will greatly enhance your chances of success. Mastermind with them daily!

If you have negative people around you then it will make you negative and self-doubt. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with positive and open-minded people then you will see a positive change in your life. This is where you may need to make some tough choices and disassociate yourself with certain people, but it is something that you will need to do.

Never Give Up On Mindset – There will be times when you hit barriers and hurdles. Now some people give up and the result is that their life will never change. Successful people plough on regardless and find a way to make things work. Going back to the Olympic athletes I mentioned earlier. They got onto that podium because they never gave up and had the drive to realise their goals.

They Are Always Accountable – All successful people are accountable for the actions and the decisions that they make, they never play the blame game. So this is what you need to do and live and die by the decisions that you and only you make.

In essence, visualise and meditate on your goals, invest in yourself, do income producing activities each day, Mastermind with other leaders, and learn, do, teach!

How Successful People Think Video – Courtesy of Video Advice

Successful Person Video

Learn More

I hope that you have taken great value from my interpretation of what a successful person is, and I would appreciate it if you can let me know your comments below. Alternatively you can contact me here if you would like any more advice on what I have spoken about today.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world.

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