The Case Against Joining Six Figure Mentors!

What Is The Case Against Joining The Six Figure Mentors Internet Business Training Platform?

Mark Ford

Mark Ford Discusses The Case Against Joining The Six Figure Mentors

Should I be an Entrepreneur and join the Six Figure Mentors? – What a great question and thanks for asking!

I am not sure that I have said it before but I’ll say it now… not everyone should be an entrepreneur or wants to be an entrepreneur.

We need the entrepreneurs to create the jobs and the job seekers, happy with a nine to five lifestyle, to go to work for a regular end of the month payday.

However, for the entrepreneurs amongst us looking for a change of lifestyle, there’s a certain mindset you must have in order to succeed in business (any kind of business, online or otherwise).

People who lack this mindset and who are not prepared to change maybe better off accepting this and staying as far away from the whacky “roller coaster” ride of entrepreneurship as possible. They are liable to get themselves hurt, otherwise.

Both financially AND emotionally!

And you know what? This is especially true for people seeking a membership position with the Six Figure Mentors.

If you’re not really serious about being your own boss, controlling your income, and building lasting wealth, then the Six Figure Mentors, and any business you may look into building on a self employed basis, may not be for you. The Six Figure Mentors are looking for serious minded action takers to build a long term sustainable online business using their educational platform.

If you’re more interested in security than freedom, then you will be better placed to keep your job. And if you’re someone who wants to be taken care of by other people then you maybe wasting your time.

The business world is NOT for everyone.

And whilst the Six Figure Mentors is most definitely for me, it is not for everyone.

In fact, the Six Figure Mentors has had to turn members away. This isn’t because they don’t want to help people, it’s just that they cannot help everybody. The Six Figure Mentors just know (after dealing with hundreds of members) what kind of person is likely to succeed and what kind is likely to “choke.”

The point?

I DO want to encourage people to take the application. But only if you think you have the right stuff to succeed.

  • Education level doesn’t matter…
  • Your current experience doesn’t matter.
  • And neither does your age, social status, occupation, background, or technological skills (I could barely check my email when starting business).

What matters is your mindset. Do you truly want to be in business for yourself?

Or are you okay with being someone’s “yes man” forever? Be honest with yourself about this. If you think you DO have what it takes, then here’s an internet marketing training platform that’s so simple.

Hurry and I wish you every success.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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