The Nine To Five Lifestyle

The Nine To Five Lifestyle – Escape The Rat Race And Work From Home On The Internet

Mark Ford – Escaping The Rat Race And The Nine To Five Lifestyle.

mark ford escape the rat race

Mark Ford Discusses The Nine To Five Lifestyle

Today, I start to share with you a series of daily blog posts that look at the various lifestyle choices we all can make as we go through life.

At the end of the day what we all really want is money and time freedom. What are the options available to us to make a living, make money and create time freedom?

Let’s start with escaping the rate race and the nine to five lifestyle.

Let’s face it: Most of us are stuck in jobs that make us feel bored and uninspired. We do it because we think that we have to. After all, no job means no money.

Many of us feel trapped in trading time for money. We feel like a hamster running endlessly around the wheel.

escape rat race

Escape The Rat Race

We either bang our heads against the wall trying to figure out how to change things or we resign ourselves to our current plight, hoping that the promise of a blissful retirement will make all of this worthwhile. But, the sad truth is that 95% of us don’t ever experience a retirement that is as happy or fulfilling as we would have liked.

The problem is that many of us are stuck in an old paradigm. The idea of working nine to five with benefits and a pension is slowly becoming outdated, as it was spurned in the industrial age, which has now passed.

no more nine to fiveWith the advent of technology and the internet, we have a whole new way to capitalize upon our interests. We can make money in new and exciting ways. The first thing required is to shift your consciousness into an entirely new way of perceiving money and how it is made. The truth is that in this day and age you don’t need to rely on the steady paycheck in the job that doesn’t serve you year in and year out. That will slowly kill you. So, please, allow yourself the privilege of seeing money from a new vantage point.

The internet now allows just about anybody to make multiple streams of income. This can be done by ‘productizing’ your knowledge and experience in the form of informational offerings such as ebooks and digital downloads. Or you could simply sell other people’s products as an affiliate and earn commissions this way.

People are flocking to the internet to search for information on how to solve their problems or make their lives better. You have a unique ability to help a specific segment of the population enhance their quality of life based on your innate attributes and the strengths you possess.

Start researching new and creative ways that you can make residual income streams in a way that reflects your true passions. Many people out there are making in a month what you make in a year, selling products on the internet. You could do that too. It just takes a shift in your beliefs around money and the willingness to explore new ways of capitalizing on your unique gifts. If you commit yourself wholeheartedly to it, you will soon see that you hold the key that unlocks you from the prison of your current dead end job.

With internet marketing, the sky is the limit. Not only can you make a tremendous income creating and/or selling products, your time will be freed up to do the things in life you have always wanted to do. This form of income generation can be completely automated. You can literally make a good living on the internet from home and not have to be physically present to transact the sales. That is a beautiful thing, is it not?

Quit The Nine To Five Lifestyle & Escape The Rat Race

You think about it every day. In fact, it consumes you. You dream of the day when you can quit your regular job and start working for yourself.

The trouble is, you have responsibilities that you can’t ignore. You might have family to take care of, monthly bills that simply won’t wait, possibly children that rely on you and debt that will continue to pile up like a towering mountain above your head, waiting to swallow you whole.

Whatever has been holding you back from pursuing the opportunity to gain true financial independence through an online business of your own is certainly important and valid.

Like many others, you simply can’t take such a huge gamble, and risk losing everything if it goes all wrong.

As someone who back in 2006 gave up the security of a regular income to chase after my dream of financial freedom through my own online business, I share your aspirations. I remember what it was like to crave the freedom to work for myself, and to pour all of my efforts and energy into something that was all mine, rather than giving the best of myself to an employer who rarely noticed.

And I too remember the challenges I faced when considering my nine to five lifestyle departure from that steady paycheck that I so heavily relied on to support my family.

While I, like you, had faith that I could be successful with my own online business, it took a while before I decided to go “all in”. But then I took the plunge and sacked the boss.

If you are genuinely interested in building a successful home business of your own, and you desperately want to leave the daily commute behind you forever, I’m here to show you exactly how you can reach your goals.

Work From Home – Will It Work For Me?

Make Money Online Working From HomeBut… will it work for you? – will leaving your job to work from home work for you? Well, no one can give you any guarantees because it will depend on the actions you take following the training that you are provided with.

You may be skeptical, who isn’t?

You may have already purchased lots of information products, DVD’s, been a member of numerous membership sites, attended live events, tried most things… yes, but what did you do with the information provided?

Leave it on the shelf?

Leave it sitting on your hard drive?

I get that. I have spent thousands of dollars finding out what works and learnt that information overload can cause immobilization.

You need to learn to stop being an ‘information ‘junkie’, pick the right home business model, focus on the education and building the business whilst you work towards achieving your goals.

You need to commit to building the home business, escaping the rat race, and seeing everything through to achieve what you set out to do. Don’t procrastinate, just make sure you take consistent action.

If you don’t, then could it be that you are the problem that is stopping it working, rather than what home business training you have purchased?

Remember that when you have built the home business up you can then have choices over the exact time that is right for you to quit your job. Maybe start part time, build it up until your home business income replaces your job income.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of no more nine to five lifestyle and escaping the rat race…

  • when you have built up your multiple income streams running on autopilot through residual income > you will not hate that utility bill when it comes through the door
  • have more than just two holidays a year. You decide how many and when you take them, not just at bank holidays either… and no boss to say you can’t have a day off
  • not doing the same thing week in week out, slaving away getting nowhere
  • make money from your desktop at home or from a laptop anywhere around the world where there is an internet connection
  • build genuine time and financial freedom into your life
  • not having to do the same job day in and day out for life
  • build up more than just a works or state pension
  • no more 9 to 5 commutes stuck in traffic
  • put yourself in control of your own destiny with your own business and without being controlled by an employer telling you what to do
  • no more put up and shut up.. with jobs and bosses that we really don’t like
  • work when you want and with who you want
  • no fancy office needed anymore
  • you can build your home business without staff, no premises to rent, no face to face selling, no stock to hold, low overheads, high returns with the right business model
  • no more early starts
  • no alarm clock to wake up to
  • more time with family and friends
  • and more…

Sure there are risks, or is this right?

There are no risks involved, and no gambles taken when you focus on building wealth one day at a time until you have created a solid, steady and reliable home business that will quickly replace your current paycheck.

In fact, I’m confident that once you employ the strategies and ideas that you can learn, your current weekly paycheck will quickly look like pocket change.


I wish you every success.Mark Ford

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