The Rat Race Is A Real And Sobering Existence

Escape the rat race – It is a real and sobering existence for countless working class people who don’t know any better, but the rat race presents alternative home business lifestyle opportunities…

Mark Ford With Stuart Ross Escaping The Rat Race

Mark Ford With Stuart Ross – Both Of us Escaped the Rat Race And Built An Internet Based Business

Just like the rat race was for Mark Ford, founder of Nice Money Publications and Mark Fords, Stuart Ross Six Figure Mentors Co-Founder was fed up with the daily grind of the rat race.

(If you haven’t heard Stuart Ross’s story you really should watch this video! and you can find out more about Mark Ford at this link!)

Both of us had only so much time that we could go to work on the clock in exchange for an hourly wage or salary.

What Mark Ford and Stuart Ross found was that, no matter how hard we worked, our income was directly correlated to the amount of time we spent on our jobs and how well we performed.

Now look… There is nothing wrong with this whatsoever. Nothing at all … unless you’re not happy with being a part of it.

Mark Ford and Stuart Ross certainly were not happy continuing to be a part of the rat race, commuting every day back and forwards to the office and working for someone else. We were both desperate to escape the rat race.

Stuart Ross sought solutions through an internet business and founded the Six Figure Mentors, and Mark Ford sought escape the rat race solutions through a property business and an internet business, publishing this official blog, Mark Ford’s

Mark Ford now works from home, or from anywhere around the world where there is an internet connection, and publishes information that helps people improve their income through a home based business and digital marketing.

Escape The Rate Race And The J.O.B. ===> Click the Job Image Above

Escape The Rat Race And Be A Part of The Transitioning Digital Economy!

Do you want to live in a an economy where you are limited by the job and employer/employee constraints? …

… Or, do you want to to play by a whole new set of rules?

There are people where my prediction is that the transitioning economy will ruthlessly continue to affect those in its way like a hurricane.

People are no longer willing to pay for things (information, content, entertainment, etc) that they can get for a fraction of the cost digitally.

The efficiencies of the digital economy present massive savings, conveniences, and benefits over the the traditional economy.

The digital economy is always open for business. It never sleeps.

This is a trend that started in the late 90s when personal computers and access to the internet became widespread.

The shift only continues to accelerate with the advent of the iPhone, smart phone and tablet. In the not too distant future more people will use their smart phones to surf the net and purchase online than their personal computers. And that presents us with an escape the rat race business opportunity.

Escape The Rat Race – It Is A Real And Sobering Existence – Final Escape The Rat Race Words.

The escape the rate race business opportunity is for us to publish information to the various digital platforms people are using, the smartphones, laptops, desktops, and iPhones. This information, if acted upon, will help these people escape the rate race and wake them up to the alternative digital lifestyle and digital business opportunities.

Today, I have an escape the rat race offer for you …

If you are more than just interested, but really serious about making a lifestyle change and wanting more than just getting by paying the bills, then Mark Ford invites you to learn more about the solution that has helped him escape the rate race.

You have two choices;

  • Get a complimentary internet business training pack and discover a whole new digital industry. Click the text link below to get started today.

How To Escape The Rat Race, Gain Time Freedom And Join The New Rich! > Escape The Rat Race, Live Anywhere And Join The New Rich!

  • If you are an action taker and just wish to apply for an application pack and create a student account then click the banner below.

escape the rate race with Mark Ford Six Figure Mentors

* If you would like us to apply for us to discuss working with you, then there is a 100% risk free application process that costs $29.95.

This is to filter out any tyre kickers so we can guarantee the time to call you. Should we not proceed any further, your application fee will be refunded and you can keep the bonuses.

It takes 3 minutes to submit the application and the call will be up to 30 minutes long. ===> Apply Here.

I wish you every success

Mark Ford

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Mark Ford – Escape The Rat Race – It Is A Real And Sobering Existence

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