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The Six Figure Mentors – Why Is The Six Figure Mentors Different From Other Programs?

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Mark Ford

In this article Mark Ford looks at the Six Figure Mentors and reveals just what sets them apart from other similar programs within the home business educational industry.

So the Six Figure Mentors have been established within the home business educational industry for a number of years now but they should not be compared to other companies and in this post I will share the reasons why.

For the co-founders of the Six Figure Mentors it is not a numbers game. Other programs will focus on how many members or students they have and the amount of people that they reach. The Six Figure Mentors concentrate more on the results that their members have and focus more on quality.

Now you may have researched other companies and noticed that the Six Figure Mentors are not the cheapest option around. Other programs try to offer the most amount of content for the least amount of money but the Six figure Mentors are totally the opposite.

Members of other programs may suffer from information overload and get overwhelmed which may lead onto procrastination because they don’t have any direction to follow. The Six Figure Mentors have built their program based on quality.

This starts with the coaches within the company. All are vastly experienced so there is no scenario of the blind leading the blind. All of the senior business coaches are multi six and seven figure earners with proven success. They are all on a mission to serve and want to create an impact on their students. This helps the students immensely because the coaches are doing it for the right reason and not just for the money.

the six figure mentors

The Six Figure Mentors

The coaching doesn’t com cheap but the Six Figure Mentors are always ready to invest to get the right people. They also offer live phone and chat support to help you when you are working through your modules and you can schedule regular calls with your designated coaches.

These coaches are all hand selected based on the results they have generated within their own business and on their ability to coach.

All support staff are in house so there is no third party interference and this can be said for the technical side of the business to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The Six Figure Mentors are more than happy to invest every dollar that comes in to build a business that has impact and not to just get rich themselves.

The company also encourages it’s students to build the kind of business they want and are not solely attached to one single business model like other programs do. So the main focus is to teach the skill sets needed to build any business in any niche but there is also the opportunity to leverage their business in a box package by promoting the Six Figure Mentors product line as an affiliate.

The overall business model of the Six Figure Mentors is to generate high quality results and this is what sets them apart from the other programs within this industry. Finally the Six Figure Mentors are proven and they have masses of documented success with their students and the businesses that they have built through leveraging the companies training and mentoring programs.

So if you would like to learn more about the company and myself as your referring affiliate please click on the image below now.

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I hope that I have shown you what the differences are between the Six Figure Mentors and their competitors. If you like what you have seen then click on the image above to learn more about the company and how they can help you create a digital lifestyle.

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