The Six Figure Mentors Is Not For You?

The Six Figure Mentors Is Not For You Or Me If We Have The Wrong Mindset & Don’t Take Action?

Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Six Figure Mentors Elite

The world has many opportunities to create wealth and time freedom…

Its just that you have to take those opportunities and work them…

It’s NO secret, hard work and PROVEN business systems make money…

Just like the people in the Six Figure Mentors, including myself, they work hard and apply PROVEN systems to get results…

But… not everyone should be a part of the Six Figure Mentors… Here’s why…

I’ve identified 6 types of people below who may not wish to apply for a membership with the the Six Figure Mentors.

It’s nothing personal. And I’m not saying you’re a “bad person” or anything. But there’s a reason we work extremely hard at the Six Figure Mentors. Serious minded individuals and entrepreneurs, not ‘players,’ are what the Six Figure Mentors are looking for.

Six Figure Mentors Application
Anyway, here’s the list:

Blamers – “It’s NOT my fault!”

Resource Vampires (Suck people dry of all their information, oh and expect it ALL for free!)


Needy people


Test Pilots who have NO real intention of taking action

Okay, so that’s the short list… There are actually more we could add to it. A load more…

If you’re someone who’s in one of those 6 categories?

PLEASE understand this is NOT personal

Don’t go into business…

Don’t waste your time… The world will always need the “Safe Job Seekers”

(those who prefer working regular jobs, for monthly pay, rather than build an online business).

There’s NO shame in it at all…

And it’s perfectly okay…

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, after all…

If you think you might be an entrepreneur, here’s a proven way to get started… Click the Get Access Now ButtonJoin The Six Figure MentorsI wish you every success.

Mark Ford

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