The Six Figure Mentors Launches Digital Bloggers

It Just Keeps Getting Better – The Six Figure Mentors Launches Digital Bloggers

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

You may know that there are a number of blogging platforms on the market and perhaps the most well known is of course, WordPress.

Tonight, I have been listening to a Six Figure Mentors webinar training on blogging where it was mentioned that the Six Figure Mentors have launched their own blogging platform to be known by the name ‘Digital Bloggers‘. This will provide members of the Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy with their very own platform built into the Six Figure Mentors back office.

The Six Figure Mentors already provides their membership with a tremendous amount of value for the monthly membership fee of $97 plus tax. These include regular weekly webinar trainings concerning the world of building your own online business and features such as;

Introductory steps to take to set up your SFM business

Video trainings on all aspects of marketing online

Expert guides on becoming a successful digital entrepreneur

A Six Figure Mentors Community membership site

Your own marketing system to create your own websites and authority site

And now, the added feature of the Digital Bloggers platform

What Is The Digital Bloggers Platform?

Digital Bloggers is a Six Figure Mentors blog publishing platform where, as a Six Figure Mentors community, SFM members can leverage the blogging platform to get a lot more valuable content out there than they could achieve on an individual basis.

Just think about it for a moment… if every Six Figure Mentors member posted just one blog post a day onto their copy of the Digital Bloggers platform; then as a Community a lot more valuable content, on a wide range of topics, can be shared with the world than a SFM member would be able to do on an individual basis.

The Digital Blogging Platform needs to be thought about in terms of driving free traffic to a blog that shares information with the reader that is of value to them because it provides information and a solution to what they have been looking for.

The visitor to the website will have typed a keyword into maybe Google, such as for this blog post ‘the six figure mentors digital bloggers platform’, and with correct on page search engine optimization Google will have picked up the blog post and ranked it highly in the search engines.

The particular individual will have clicked the link in the Google organic search results and be brought through to the blog post to read the information, check out the pictures and maybe watch a video (if any) that has been posted.

digital bloggers lead magnetThe Digital Bloggers platform from the Six Figure Mentors is not the be all and end all to your brand, it is just one of the features of the Six Figure Mentors membership. It allows you to get your content out there, blog daily with a ready made blogging platform, distribute the content through the training provided, and act as a lead magnet.

Your brand is your central authority site where you share content written by yourself or written in conjunction with your team where you share your story, scream out your personality and set out what your vision is.

The Digital Bloggers Platform – Some of the Benefits!

Digital Bloggers Six Figure MentorsIf you are new to blogging then you will find in your digital bloggers back office, accessed through your copy of the Six Figure Mentors website, a comprehensive set of trainings, pdf guides and how to’s which will take you by the hand and show you what to do to get the most out of the digital bloggers platform.

Within your Six Figure Mentors back office you will also find many video trainings on the correct structure to follow to put together a blog post and how to syndicate your content.

The blogging platform allows you to take a collective approach to blogging, because ‘working together we achieve more’. A community of like minded people can achieve more by getting more content out there than what could be achieved by an individual.

The numbers…. the maths…. One blog post a day done by each member, that’s seven a week and let’s say for arguements sake that we have 1,000 SFM and DEA members doing this… then that’s 7000 blog posts a week. Wow, how much more value, trainings and knowledge can we share from 7,000 blog posts a week?

The Digital Boggers platform will prove to be, I have no doubt, an excellent feature of a membership taken out with the Six Figure Mentors and it’s just plug in and play.

Well That’s Great Mark But How Do I Get My Copy Of The Digital Bloggers Platform From The Six Figure Mentors?

To get access to your own copy of the Digital Bloggers Platform, and all the other features available in the SFM, you will need to first make an application to join by filling out an application pack.

To begin your journey you can apply for an application pack HERE or by clicking on the DEA banner below.

I wish you every success.

Mark Ford

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4 Responses to The Six Figure Mentors Launches Digital Bloggers

  1. Fiona Scott says:

    Great post Mr F, aka FB Monster. The bestest thing about the Digital Bloggers platform is free traffic. Who likes free traffic? We certainly do. Plus, the platform is also free within the Six Figure Mentors system – how cool is that. Free traffic for free 🙂

    • Mark Ford says:

      Yes, Greg and Fiona and like the blog post says the SFM and the features available just keep getting better.

      When we work together we can all blog together on a consistent basis to drive free traffic to the sites but then we have to make sure to porvide intersting and informative blog posts which provide value.

      All good and see you down in London soon at the end of the month.


  2. Steve Greenhalgh says:

    A great start to the challenge Mark well done