The Six Figure Mentors

The Six Figure Mentors – How The Six Figure Mentors Have Created A Top Affiliate Marketing System

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

In this article Mark Ford explains how the Six Figure Mentors have revolutionized the affiliate marketing industry with their proprietary digital business system and training programs.

Affiliate marketing is the perfect business model that any beginner to the online business world can start. The reason is that it historically has very low startup costs because you can leverage already created and proven products and services and promote them to earn a commission when someone takes the action of making a purchase.

For all brand new affiliate marketers it can be quite a challenge to find the perfect affiliate marketing network or program to partner with. There are many affiliate programs to choose from which cover hundreds of different niches and industries.

Within this post I will cover what to look for in any affiliate marketing network and show exactly how The Six Figure Mentors is a top affiliate marketing program and digital business system that you can become involved with.

The Six Figure Mentors – Why It Is A Top Choice For Affiliate Marketers

the six figure mentors

The Six Figure Mentors

The Six Figure Mentors – What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a very simple concept because you promote other people’s products and services. Every time that an individual makes a purchase through your affiliate link it is credited to you and you receive a commission which is a percentage of the retail price.

Many businesses have affiliate programs as it is more cost effective to get affiliates to do the marketing and reward them with the commissions that are paid out.

As an affiliate marketer it is your job to connect potential buyers with the vendors products and services. This is done by learning how to drive traffic to the merchants website, in this case the Six Figure Mentors.

The Six Figure Mentors – What You Should Look For In Any Top Affiliate Marketing Program?

Nothing in life is equal and that is very apparent within affiliate networks. Some are very good and some are not. You should first make sure that the products and services the affiliate network has are very high quality. Never promote sub-standard products as it will come back to haunt you with lots of refunds and it will earn you a bad reputation.

Also never sign up for every network under the sun as all it will do is confuse you and you will become overwhelmed.

When you find an affiliate marketing company with high converting products then you will not need to look elsewhere but what I will say is it helps if you also have a passion and belief in the products and services that you will be promoting. Are you aligned to them?

You should also look for the following elements in the affiliate marketing network.

  • The Resources To Help You Advertise – The best affiliate networks will have ready made resources for you to use. This will include lead capture pages, sales pages, banners and email copy for you to use in your marketing campaigns.
  • Training & Mentoring – Many affiliate networks expect you to get on with the marketing yourself and offer no training on how to promote the products. You should avoid these and look for companies that offer you tons of training and support.
  • High Quality Products – As I have said never promote shoddy products. Always promote high quality products that are in demand and that appeal to a world wide audience. Also look for high ticket items where you can earn commissions of $1,000 plus per sale.
  • Customer Service – Customer service should always come first from the affiliate network, leaving you to get on with your core responsibility of driving sales to earn a commission. Does the affiliate network have a customer loyalty team, what does their website say?

The Six Figure Mentors – Why The Six Figure Mentors Ranks As A Top Marketing System

six figure mentors

Six Figure Mentors

They Have The Promotional Resources – The Six Figure Mentors have all the marketing resources that you need.

These include ready to go sales funnels consisting of professionally created lead capture pages and sales pages.

They offer visually engaging banners and have tested email marketing sequences that have been written by some of the best copywriters in the business.

High Quality Products & Services The products and services they offer are for people who are looking to start an online business. These include various training and mentoring programs as well as software applications that help people run their online business.

The products and services can cost up to $30,000. This gives you the opportunity to learn how to earn high ticket ‘five figure’ commissions.

The back end products and services are offered to individuals by the internal sales team so there is no direct selling on your behalf. This allows you to market the front end of the sales funnel and then the rest of the selling process is done automatically.

An International Business – With the Six Figure Mentors you will have a truly international business because anyone in the world can benefit from the products and services they provide.

It is not like a traditional bricks and mortar business where you are reliant on the local community for your business.

Training & Mentoring – They have a wide variety of training and mentoring programs that teach you the basics of digital marketing all the way up to becoming a professional digital marketing expert at the GOLD level.

In addition trainings are available on a  number of ways you can build a business from home, such as with Amazon selling physical products, personal branding programs and at the top BLACK level a Mastermind which I am involved in running.

These are the main core products and services that you will be able to sell as an affiliate of the company. So, basically you will become a product of the product.

Support – The support system at the Six Figure Mentors is second to none. If you have any problem to do with marketing, your account or technical issues then there is always someone on hand from the customer loyalty team or the community in general to help you along your way.

The Six Figure Mentors – How To Get Started

For a limited time you can open a free account with the Six Figure Mentors. You will get access to the first module of the training program where you will learn all about the process of making money online.

The value of this training is over $350 and you can access to it for free for 30 days. To learn more about this amazing package click on the banner below.

the six figure mentors

The Six Figure Mentors has positioned itself as one of the industry leaders in helping people create a digital lifestyle through their training programs and digital marketing system. Open you free account today by clicking on the banner above.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world and profiting from a Six Figure Mentors Membership.

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