Three Website Traffic Generation Tips To Attract New Clients

Three Proven Traffic Generation Tips to Attract New Clients, Fast!

Mark Ford Discusses Traffic Generation Tips

Mark Ford Discusses Traffic Generation Tips

You can have the best product or service in the world. You can have a killer sales letter that could sell a pint of whiskey to a nun. But if you don’t have any prospects seeing your offer, you won’t make a cent.

That’s why we marketers spend so much time, effort and money trying to put our offers in front of targeted leads. But it doesn’t have to be that hard… not when you know which marketing methods work best. Here are three proven traffic generation tips that you can start using today…

#Traffic Generation Tips 1: Social Media Marketing – Facebook – Twitter etc…

Savvy marketers know that social media marketing is the place to be – and it’s set to continue exploding in the coming years! Those who set up their social marketing campaigns now are the ones who will benefit the most in the future.

That’s because social media marketing is all about building relationships with others and building networks and contact lists.

The sooner you get started building a good reputation in your niche, establishing yourself as an expert and building social media networks, the more you stand to gain when you fully leverage your reputation, content and networks.

So where do you start? With the some of the biggest social media sites, including:

* Web 2.0 content sites, like These sites let you set up one-page websites around niche topics. Google tends to crawl these pages often and rank them well.

* Social networking sites like While you should focus on finding or creating niche-specific groups on these general networking sites, be sure to always seek out niche-specific networking sites.

* Social bookmarking sites, like These sites allow users to share content – and they can be a great tool in your viral marketing campaigns.

#Traffic Generation Tips 2: Search Engine Marketing – A Favourite!

You can pull in traffic from the search engines in two ways:

* By ranking well for certain keywords and appearing in the organic search engine results. This can be achieved through blogging and writing keyword rich articles.

* By using pay per click marketing to appear in the search engine’s sponsored results (for example, Google AdWords and sponsored ads).

You should add both of these tactics to your marketing toolkit.

This is because organic search engine results can provide traffic for months (and even years) after you get your pages indexed.

But on the flip side, pay per click marketing allows you to get highly targeted, nearly instant traffic.

Mark Ford Discusses Traffic Generation Tips#Traffic Generation Tips 3: Buying Ads

Yet another way to get your offers in front of eager prospects is by placing targeted ads. You can do this by online and offline, including:

* Purchasing banner and text ads on highly targeted niche sites.
* Buying ads and solo ads in highly targeted niche ezines.
* Buying blog ads.
* Buying ads in offline publications, including niche magazines and the related topics of daily newspapers.

Which Of These Traffic Generation Tips Is Right For You?

Drive Traffic To WebsitesThis isn’t a matter of choosing the one tactic that provides the best results. And that’s because all three of these tactics are proven, time-tested marketing methods.

They shouldn’t be used individually, but rather as part of your overall marketing strategy.

While powerful, these three main advertising methods are just the tip of the marketing iceberg.

When you unleash these three alongside other equally powerful marketing methods, you’ll unleash a nearly unstoppable flow of qualified leads.

It all starts when you claim a free traffic generation tips list building report from one of my internet marketing and traffic generation mentors, Stuart Ross. Highly Recommended!

Click the banner below to get your copy today…

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I wish you every success

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