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Tips for Enjoying the Holiday Festivities with Hearing Aids

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Online Manila | Tips for Enjoying the Holiday Festivities with Hearing Aids | Spend time with friends and family without worries | The holidays are an important time of the year for Filipinos, and everyone takes this time to enjoy delicious food and the company of friends and family. Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in the Philippines are all about spreading love and joy. While there’s nothing wrong with relishing this joyful season, such occasions come with being exposed to loud sounds and excessive noise.

Loud, booming speakers are used at parties to play Christmas songs or sing karaoke. Fireworks and other firecrackers are common as part of the Filipino belief that doing so can ward off evil spirits and negative energies while welcoming the New Year. While normal-hearing people enjoy these activities, hearing aid users may find such events difficult and overwhelming.

However, parties don’t need to be stressful for anyone who wears hearing aids. If you or someone you care about uses hearing aids on a daily basis, keep these tips in mind to know how to make the most of this season while adapting to the nature of the festivities.

Plan and prepare your hearing aids

Before attending any festivities, it’s best to pay your trusted hearing care center a visit. Discussing upcoming plans and parties with a hearing care specialist can help you maximize the benefits of hearing aids so that you can enjoy the festivities without worries. If necessary, the hearing care specialist may perform hearing aid maintenance to make sure that it will fit your needs.

Manila Hearing Aid’s hearing care specialists are well-trained in supporting and guiding patients with their hearing health needs. Patients can ask questions and seek professional advice on how to best use their hearing aids in any situation.

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Know how to adjust your hearing aids to the nature of the event

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or having a house party, be sure to familiarize yourself with how to make the most of your hearing aids in these situations such as learning how to optimize the noise-canceling or the directionality function of your hearing aids. This way, you can adjust your hearing aids according to any environment so you can seize every moment while socializing with loved ones and friends.

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If you’re traveling, list down the hearing aid accessories you will need such as the case, charger, moist capsules, extra batteries, and other necessities. Should you need to purchase these hearing aid essentials, Manila Hearing Aid offers hearing aid products, and accessories through their clinics and an online store for authentic hearing aid batteries.

Cherish the season of joy

Last, let nothing stop you from enjoying these special occasions with friends and family. Hearing aids are made to help you hear and enjoy these moments so you can build stronger connections and make long-lasting memories with your loved ones.

As the country’s leading hearing care solutions provider, Manila Hearing Aid aims to provide opportunities for hard-of-hearing patients to enjoy and hear life’s special moments through premium quality hearing aids, hearing aid accessories, and the highest standard of accurate audiometric testing and evaluation.

If you already own and use hearing aids, and may be thinking about purchasing a new pair. With the holidays approaching, now is a good time to get your hearing tested, and consider hearing aids as a gift to yourself this Christmas.

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