Traditional Business Lifestyle

The Traditional Business Lifestyle Model Against Starting A Home Business – Does It Work?

Mark Ford – Discusses The Traditional Business Lifestyle As An Option When You Are Looking To Escape The Rat Race And The 9 To 5.

Mark Ford Discusses The Traditional Business Lifestyle

Mark Ford Discusses The Traditional Business Lifestyle

Today, I continue with my series of blog posts comparing the lifestyles that can be created by escaping the rat race to work from home.

Today’s topic is > does the traditional business lifestyle really give you time and money freedom and does it work?

Other business lifestyle blogs in the series can be found at the nine to five lifestyle link and the franchise business lifestyle link.

What do you mean Mark, the traditional business lifestyle?

The lifestyle you create where you basically buy yourself another job just wearing another hat. When you worked for an employer you had a job because you went to work, you were told what to do and when to do it and then picked up your paycheck at the end of the month.

Well what’s the difference with you being the boss, the employer who has set up a traditional business offline, leased offices, employed staff, created overheads and then you have to drive to your own office everyday to do your work. The only difference is that you are the boss and employer but you still have a job, you have just appointed yourself as the chief executive officer! – Clearly, this works for a multitude of business owners, but is this for you and have you considered the home business lifestyle as an alternative?

Let’s look at some of the benefits of no more nine to five lifestyle, escaping the rat race and starting a home business…

  • when you have built up your multiple income streams running on autopilot through residual income > you will not hate that utility bill when it comes through the door
  • have more than just two holidays a year. You decide how many and when you take them, not just at bank holidays either… and no boss to say you can’t have a day off
  • not doing the same thing week in week out, slaving away getting nowhere
  • make money from your desktop at home or from a laptop anywhere around the world where there is an internet connection
  • build genuine time and financial freedom into your life
  • not having to do the same job day in and day out for life
  • build up more than just a works or state pension
  • no more 9 to 5 commutes stuck in traffic
  • put yourself in control of your own destiny with your own business and without being controlled by an employer telling you what to do
  • no more put up and shut up.. with jobs and bosses that we really don’t like
  • work when you want and with who you want
  • no fancy office needed anymore
  • you can build your home business without staff, no premises to rent, no face to face selling, no stock to hold, low overheads, high returns with the right business model
  • no more early starts
  • no alarm clock to wake up to
  • more time with family and friends
  • and more…
traditional business lifestyle

Traditional Business Lifestyle – Buying A Job

And let’s look at some key features about a traditional business lifestyle …

  • Rather than a franchise you can own it outright, it will be your business model but it is still costly to buy and set up
  • You keep all the profits as you are in full control
  • You need to rent or buy premises
  • Large investment required
  • High overheads
  • Need to kit out the shop or office
  • Health and safety requirments need to be considered
  • You need secretarial services and staff
  • Meeting rooms
  • Heating bills – large ones!
  • Higher utility bills than a home business
  • Leases to sign if renting the premises
  • Maintenance costs to manage
  • Insurance requirements
  • Consider whether there is a high failure rate for start up traditional businesses?
  • Are you buying yourself a job with long hours?
  • What are the government regulations for your business?
  • What are the tax requirements for your business?

We started by asking, does the traditional business lifestyle really give you time and money freedom and does it work?

Well, clearly it works for many if this is the type of business you want to build but will you start from scratch with your own business idea?… or… will you just buy an existing business that someone else is offloading because it didn’t work for them?

If you are basically buying a job, with you at the helm, then maybe you are not going to get the level of time and financial freedom you desire to enjoy life on your terms.

You decide!

So if you would like to start a traditional business lifestyle, all the best to you. However, if like me, you prefer the home business model then get in touch and we can see how we can help each other.

You can also read a Copy This Idea review at this link which will also help you. This is a start home business book that I can recommend to you.

I wish you every success.Mark Ford

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