Understanding Attraction Marketing

Discover Attraction Marketing And Stop The Painful Rejections And Your Cold Calling Days!

Mark Fordon Attraction Marketing

Mark Ford – Attrraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is the alternative to cold calling and it takes all the pain away of looking at that telephone as a piece of concrete.

What do I mean?

Well, how many times have you looked at a list of people you have in front of you where your task is to call all of them on the list.

You then look at the telephone and think, I don’t want to make that call, they have not asked me to contact them.

The phone becomes as heavy as concrete!

This is not ‘permissive marketing’ and therefore you also need to ask yourself some more questions!

  1. Did you get their permission before calling them?
  2. Will they be right in the middle of an important business meeting and you will interrupt them from what they are doing?
  3. Will they be pleased to get your call?
  4. Does your prospective customer know, like and trust you before you make that call?
  5. Is your intention just to make a sale and get some money?
  6. Or…. would you prefer to respect your customer more by providing them with value and building a relationship before you ask them to part with their hard earned money?
  7. Would you be better off leaving that telephone on the hook and learning attraction marketing strategies?
  8. Maybe learn online marketing that lets your customer opt in for information?

Lots more questions could be posed about cold calling but the above are a selection of a few of them… is cold calling dead? An Interesting Question.

Attraction Marketing As An Alternative To Cold Calling

Let’s look at another way you can look at marketing your products and services, and this is through attraction marketing.

You may have heard of attraction marketing but never really understood what this term means or how to apply it effectively to your business!

Attraction Marketing Strategies Of The New RichA part of my membership with the Six Figure Mentors gives me access to a home study course, Attraction Marketing, Strategies of the New Rich.

In this course, if you become a SFM Member yourself, you will be taught everything you will ever need to know about the concept and by the end of it you will know exactly how to attract an endless stream of customers to your products and services!

Once you understand and apply attraction marketing to every piece of marketing that you do, you will have people coming to you asking about your business and products, how refreshing do you think that sounds?

No cold calling, no hard sell, no chasing people!!!

  • YES, NO more cold-calling and painful rejection
  • NO more chasing leads – forever!
  • NO more leaving messages with flaky tire kickers that never call you back
  • NO more ‘money pit’ ideas that only produce more debt instead of leads
  • NO more buying leads, period
  • NO more friction within the family, due to a lack of funds

Although mastering attraction marketing is not essential to make money online it is without a doubt a concept that ALL leading marketers adopt. If you are serious about building a six figure business and doing it quickly then attraction marketing will play a fundamental role in your brand and business.

Attraction Marketing Video – Susan Beesley & Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross, founder of The Six Figure Mentors and author of Attraction Marketing Strategies of The New Rich, discusses with Susan Beesley, Internet Entrepreneur, why he wrote the book and who it is for.

 Attraction Marketing Concept

The concept behind attraction marketing comes down to leading with value instead of leading with your business, your opportunity, or your products. You position yourself as an expert, as some who can help people achieve what they set out to achieve when they found you online in the first place.

It is only natural for humans to seek experts and it has been this way ever since the birth of the human race, in the early years people looked towards the alpha male to ensure them shelter, food, safety, etc. Well this human nature is still very much alive in every single human being today so you can apply this very same principle to your business and basically create a following of people who look to you for guidance.

When you were looking to learn how to make money online did you ever find yourself looking for someone who has already created success? I’m sure you have… They call that mentor shopping; your goal is to be the expert that people are shopping for so you want to market yourself instead of marketing your business.

Study and Understand Attraction Marketing

Truly understanding the concept of Attraction Marketing and HOW to build relationships and trust through your marketing is without any doubt THE single most important element to your success when it comes to marketing effectively.

attraction marketing strategies home study courseTo get started with your own Attraction Marketing Home Study Course, make an application to join the Six Figure Mentors by clicking the banner graphic to the left hand side.

When you upgrade to full membership through your Student Six Figure Mentors account, you will then gain access to the Attraction marketing book and home study course.

Alternatively, click the text link below.


We wish you every success

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3 Responses to Understanding Attraction Marketing

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  2. Duane Cole says:

    The concept behind attraction marketing comes down to leading with value instead of leading with your business, your opportunity, or your products. You position yourself as an expert, as someone who can help people achieve what they set out to achieve when they found you online in the first place.

    • Mark Ford says:

      Thank you Duane Cole for leaving this comment.

      Attraction marketing outweighs many other forms of marketing and my position is one of being helpful, educational, leading with value and providing solutions to people working in the home based and digital marketing industries.

      Have a great day.

      Mark Ford