Wake Up Your Traditional Life Is Broken

Yes, that’s right unless you have been hiding under a cloud you will know that the traditional economy is broken and we are now DIGITAL!

Lifestyle Mastery Retreat

Mark Ford Winding Down After Three Days Training At The Lifestyle Mastery Retreat in the French Alps

Now, a broken traditional economy gives you and me an opportunity, an opportunity that I have taken and I am now helping many others around the world do the same.

I am working with people who want to generate a six figure income plus online, leveraging the same educational training resource that I have used for the last two years.

My team are currently from USA, Portugal, Australia, Canada, France and the UK and growing!


Here’s what I will do for you;

  • Mentor you one on one each week
  • Give you bonus products
  • Give you access to the team training website
  • Run weekly team webinar trainings
  • Introduce you to our Facebook group
  • Help you build an online business
  • Help you set up your foundations and websites
  • Help you set up your marketing funnels
  • Help you set up your back office
  • Share with you what has been working for me
  • Share with you how I became the number two marketer for the business I leverage
  • Show with you how I won a Mac Pro and was nominated member of the month

Get Out Of DebtYou see, what happened with me was that I didn’t have my 40k a year job anymore, I had debt and I had to do something about it.

My full story is set our for you at http://whoismarkford.com but even a property portfolio was not enough to provide a lifestyle free of debt and financial worries.

For me, I found that building a business on the internet has been a great solution, and one that can work for you as well.

However, many of us still keep looking for jobs when the traditional economy is BUST.

Why not hire yourself and fire the boss and build your own lifestyle, along with time and financial independence.

I now receive a regular monthly residual income from my online businesses, running into thousands, and it will take work, but I can show you how to do the same.

Now to start Creating YOUR ‘Digital Life’ and To Wake Yourself Up To The Fact That The Traditional Life Is Broken! – here’s what to do… Go to http://tidyurl.com/startdigitallife and watch the video presentation from one of my millionaire mentors.

After you have watched the video click the button below the video and you will be able to learn more and start your own journey to a new life.

Here’s the link > http://tidyurl.com/startdigitallife

I look forward to helping you if you connect with me.

Mark Ford

Digital Business Entrepreneur, Marketer, Mentor and Speaker

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