Warning This Digital Business Can Seriously Improve Your Wealth!

Jay Kubassek Makes Jill Humphreys Suffer From Insomnia And It Shows A Digital Business Can Seriously Improve Your Wealth!

Mark Ford

Mark Ford Shares A Post From Jill Humphreys – Fellow SFM Member

One of the many fantastic benefits of being an Elite member of the Six Figure Mentors is the access we have to a worldwide Community of like minded entrepreneurs who connect with each other on the Community website, provide value, build relationships and help each other. Why?, because we are not only in business to help our own team members but also to work as one big team in the Community. Working together we all achieve more.

Over the years of being a member of the Six Figure Mentors I have got to know many people, but today I wanted to highlight Jill Humphreys and share with you a blog post that she has just published in the Six Figure Mentors Community.

Why would I do this? – Like many of us Jill goes out of her way to help people and provide value.

However, I was also on last night’s webinar myself and having read Jill’s post I could not sum it up any better. So, why re-invent the wheel. Jill sums it up well, so I share it for my readers below and to learn more about Jill Humphreys visit this link.

Here’s what Jill Humphreys has to say. I quote…

Jill Humphreys

Jill Humphreys

“After our Webinar with our Co founder Jay Kubassek last night..I just found sleeping very impossible and had to re write my goals and intentions for my next 3 months..just to get my head around all that was actually discussed..

Having listened to Jays upbringing and the start of his life..I felt humbled that he shared his story with us..with passion and pain..he gained credibility from others but so sort it from his own father ..but because of his former patterns, his father only had the view of his own upbringing..a past down way of limiting belief towards money and success..This can so cripple us…and when we make the transition from the hard working toil of life..into the fast lane where anything is possible our families see us so differently..and many don’t make the shift as leaving there loved ones behind can be too much to bear..so many die with their song still inside them…Jay had made it..he was now financially free..no shackles of poverty..no path he couldn’t take…no changes he couldn’t make…and he so proved this by being a Producer..and finding himself with new meaning and purpose in his life..moving out of his previous existence was a life changing experience beyond belief..and a massive mind shift for him..the world was now such a different place to be….

Jay Kubassek – Making the Change!

Many have been here and lost everything..but Jay was determined to make that change last..and not just for himself but for many others that had the dream..had the fire in their belly..the guts to slay the naysayers..the doubters..the many challenges that got thrown at him..he was a survivor and made the grade..

Jay Kubassek Success SoryThere is power in your story..no matter what background race or creed.. Jay Kubassek said at first he didn’t see the point in sharing his background and hid it..ashamed of it..he chose to keep it to himself for many years..but then realized that when he shared his story..many people could see the adversity of his youth..feel the pain of wanting to be different and break free..struggle..emotional turmoil within families.. suddenly others were listening..and so resonated with his story..that they could see that their circumstances where in no way similar..but Jay stood before them and explained that by no means were their circumstances as difficult as his to over come but he did it..so can you.. Gaining insight into other life stories is empowering..as we find the truth about their beliefs..their struggles..their pain..their challenges..and we find out how they over came them..and still won..guts determination ..blood sweet and tears..its all there for us to see..and this is when we make the decision that we can do this..we can make a difference to our lives and those around us..we too can become leaders..

Nothing would please Jay Kubassek more than to be around the table with you enjoying a meal..enjoying your story..your path of mindset shifting..and the many ways it took you in life..think about this the next time you think of quitting on your dreams and goals..of leaving your ambitions on the table..and walking away..because you think you cant do it..and its just too much for you..stay in the zone and use this story of our mentor..to fire you on..because if he can do it..then so can you..

To end my blog..when I did fall asleep..I was on a Black and Silver Sailing Vessel… Jay Kubassek was pouring the champagne ..and he handed myself and Frank Kern a glass.and as we toasted each others futures..the world looked so much brighter..:)

Think there is a message in this dream..we can all become life changers..we have everything we need inside us right here right now..lets do it..together..

Thanks for reading everyone..

Love in Abundance..

Jill x :).” – way to go Jill Humphreys, well written and thank you for sharing this.

Read more about Jay Kubassek and his story > Click Here

We wish you every success.

Jill Humphreys from Jill Humphreys.com

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2 Responses to Warning This Digital Business Can Seriously Improve Your Wealth!

  1. Hi Mark

    Thank so much for liking my blog..and sharing this on your latest blog.!!! am so humbled it resonated with you to comment on it and spend time putting it out to your team and the community 🙂 ..I was deeply affected by Jays story..it drew me closer to him and connected me to his way of thinking..have always enjoyed listening to his BlogTalk Radio podcasts his compassion for his life and the way he embraces change with a feeling of acceptance as life lessons..and then shares his feelings and what he learnt from it..as to helps others..

    This story was deep and meaningful..and showed not through a boasting way..but as an example how you can overcome adversity ..grow from it..learn from it..and make a huge mindset shift…which is why he was sharing it…he is a feeling compassionate man and nothing pleases him more than having others gain success..the frustration of knowing whats the other side of fear for people..so shows..as he knows whats there for those that do..take action and follow through..for those that are coachable..we all come into this business with various baggage..and we get in our own way..Jay urges us to leave our egos at the door..and just do what it takes..take on board the training and be teachable..then and only then will we get the results that are waiting for us all..we all feel vulnerable when we dont understand something new..fear of failing and be out of our depth in an unknown environment..

    For me last night I had so much more clarity…than ever before about the direction to take and that is to step up and stop hiding in the cupboard as you so rightly said..be teachable..learn and grow..I do love contributing and want to do more..now after many changes in my own life feel its time to move on and get the results that I know are coming up..as I can see whats coming and am open to embrace now..and the reward from helping others far outweighs all the riches of the world..

    Thank you so much for your belief in me and all your help so far.

    Love in Abundance

    Jill 🙂 x

    • Mark Ford says:

      Hello Jill

      Thanks for the reply.

      You have a way with words yourself and should take inspiration, not only from Jay, but from your own writings.

      Every success with what you do.