What Is The Digital Experts Academy?

Digital Experts Academy Video Presentation From Mark Ford, Digital Experts Academy Black Founder Member

I know how difficult it was for me to find information on the Digital Experts Academy when I got started, so I have created a video on the Digital Experts Academy which can provide you with a professional solution to building your business, mindset, generating leads, marketing online, building multiple income streams and waking you up to the digital economy making you a successful entrepreneur with your existing business or by starting a new business.

What Is The Digital Experts Academy?

What Is The Digital Experts Academy Video Presentation From Mark Ford

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This is just great for helping us build businesses offline or online and it is not about ‘yet another opportunity.’ It provides a solution to those who are looking for ways to get better results with their existing business, or to start an online business.

So, what is the Digital Experts Academy?

The Digital Experts Academy is an entrepreneurship incubator that specializes in digital marketing and internet business training, waking you up to the opportunities presented by the Digital Economy.

Digital Experts Academy VisionAspiring entrepreneurs worldwide, come to the Digital Experts Academy for cutting edge training, solutions, and strategies.

Founded by a group of young Internet entrepreneurs who have been cashing in on the Digital Gold Rush over the last five years, DEA’s ultimate goal is to help its members become financially self sufficient as digital entrepreneurs in the new digital economy.

The Digital Expert Academy business owners, looked at everything someone starting from scratch would require to successfully transition to being a full time digital marketer, and beyond. Based on that, they created four levels of membership designed to take you from being an opportunity seeker all the way to being a digital expert.

Each level was specifically designed to graduate the member to the next phase of self reliance by teaching a new set of marketing, leadership and entrepreneurial skill sets.

The intended outcome is that members acquire the skills through training and other resources so that they can become financially self sufficient as digital entrepreneurs.

More DEA information is available by clicking here.

The Digital Experts Academy, created by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, provides you with all the solutions you need to build and promote your existing business or start your own online business waking you up to the digital economy.

You can learn how to market and create multiple income streams online using the Digital Experts Academy professional business and training system.

Mark Ford is a Black founder member of the Digital Experts Academy and provides this what is the Digital Experts Academy video for educational and research purposes.

To find out more from Mark Ford about the Digital Experts Academy and creating multiple income streams online, hit the start your tour button below.

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We wish you every success

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