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Why Blog Mark Ford – Why Should I Bother to Blog?

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Today, the prevalence of online content, and the fact that blogging allows the deliverance of new traffic to online websites and social media profiles means that if you don’t have a source of constant content on the web, you could be missing out on a huge market.

According to statistics, around 172,800 blogs are created every single day – which equates to around two blogs per second. The reason for this is that blogging helps people to express their opinions to the world around them.

Regardless of whether they’re blogging for business or personal purposes, the act of blogging allows for growth, expansion, and a way to connect with the wider digital world. That said, let’s look more into the question that I am often asked… why blog.

Why Blog? – Blogging Expands Your World

Before the emergence of the blogosphere, there has never been a simpler way to reach out to, and connect with people from all over the globe. For marketers and business-minded individuals, the advent of blogging has opened up a marketplace larger than anything they’ve ever seen before. With blogging, you can reach out to people from the other side of the globe, as well as the local customers that you see every day.

At the same time, blogging doesn’t just allow you to communicate with potential clients and consumers, it also allows you to connect with other influential people in your industry – making it a valuable tool for networking. This means that regardless of whether you’re looking for a way to expand your existing business, or simply expand your professional network, blogging can put you in touch with the professionals most significant in your industry, in my case the home business industry.

Why Blog? – Blogging Is Simple!

Why blog, well it’s simple. Blogging is also one of the simplest ways to draw attention to your thoughts, ideas, products, or services. Not only can you expose your own personal ideas to a larger network, but you can also establish yourself as an auto reactive figure in your industry, proving to potential customers that you actually know what you’re talking about when you offer advice, or guidance.

The more you blog, the more your online brand builds, thanks in part to the Search Engine Optimization impact that blogging has on your website and company. After all, the more pages that Google has to index regarding your site, the more opportunities you will have to show up on the first page of the Google search results when one of your prospects searches for something that relates to your keywords or search terms.

Why blog?… for a voice… Business or personal, blogging can give you a voice in the online world.

Why Blog – Closing

I wish you every success in running your home business blog and if you would like to obtain a free copy of my blogging ebook, click the banner below.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford





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Thought for the day!

Why blog is a good question, but do you understand the importance of blogging for your home business as a relationship builder and for lead generation?

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2 Responses to Why Blog

  1. Gil Balfas says:

    Nice comment. That the more blogs you have the more pages Google has to find you. This inspires me because it means even if I am no good at SEO or Syndication, I am still able to make money blogging daily. Thanks Mark. If you have a product that shows you how to spread my blogs throughout the websphere, let me know.