Why Start A Home Business?

Why Start A Home Business? – This Is A Question That You Need To Ask Yourself – Why Work From Home?

Mark Ford

Mark Ford Why Start A Home Business

Today I share with you part one of my five part course on Why Start A Home Business?

The best place to start is for you to ask yourself a few questions…

  • ‘Why’ are you here?
  • Why are you considering getting involved in an online business opportunity, or start a home business?

All these questions may seem silly questions to you… but actually they aren’t because…

If you do not know the answer to the questions, why start a home business, or… WHY you are getting involved with promoting information products and home based businesses in the first place…

… the chances are you will not see it through and remain dedicated and interested in what you are doing.

Other questions to consider;

  • Do you know your end game?
  • Do you know what your goals are?
  • What do you want out of this business?
  • Where do you want to be in the short, medium and long term?

Why Start A Home BusinessSo, the first step is to know your why! – why start a home business? Why are you are doing this in the first place and when you know this it will help you remain motivated, manage your time well and achieve your goals. The creation of a vision book is a great way to remind yourself of your daily of your goals and an action I would highly recommend you should take…

Okay, let’s discuss further in Part 1 of your online course: Motivation, Time Management, and Goal Setting.

In order to be successful with an online business, an entrepreneur needs 3 things – motivation, time management and goal setting. Without these, it can be easy for you to feel overwhelmed and to lose sight of your business. So today, we are going to cover these 3 essential areas of self discipline and how you can ensure that they’re working for you rather than against you.

Why Start A Home Business? – Motivation, Create Goals, Time Management

1. Motivation – As someone who works alone or with a small, select group of people, it can be hard to find the motivation that a person might find if he or she works with a large company. There are no managers looking over your shoulder, no employee incentives – there’s only you and you have to motivate yourself. There are a few different techniques you can use to find motivation, even if you’re discouraged at one point or another.

Reward Yourself – When you accomplish something, whether it’s big or small, reward yourself. Make the reward equal to the deed you’ve achieved, so if it’s something small, give yourself a little treat. If you accomplish something big, treat yourself to a special weekend or spend a day watching your favourite movies – whatever you like. Rewards make you work harder towards the goals you have set for yourself.

2. Create Goals – This is the second thing you will need in place in order to be successful as an online entrepreneur. Without proper goal setting, it can be easy to get lost in the things you need to accomplish. Create small, attainable goals for the different things you need to do. Think about the things that need to be done and when they need to be done by – and then create goals based on those facts. When you create smaller goals, they’ll be easier to achieve, and once you achieve them, you will be more motivated. It’s a positive circle that really does work.

Also ask yourself, where you want to be one year from now, then in the mid-term two to three years from now and then in the long term – set yourself goals to help you achieve this. Write it all down in a vision book with pictures to visualize your dreams coming true.

Whatever your driver is…

moretime with family | start home business

Change Your Life! – Spend More Time With Family

  • Buy a new car
  • Buy a new house
  • Extra income and financial freedom
  • Get out of debt
  • Have your own business
  • Help others
  • Leave a legacy
  • Personal development
  • Meet new people
  • More holidays and more time with your family
  • Pay for you and your children’s education
  • Secure your retirement

Knowing this will keep you motivated and help you work towards achieving your goals.

Working From Home Time Management3. Time Management – Another important issue you must conquer is time management. You need to think about what your time is worth to you, and then make the most of every moment. You might do this by creating a daily schedule, so that you know where every hour is going. Without sticking to a schedule, it can be easy to lose minutes and hours, and then wonder where the time went. Create your schedule to maximize the most of your time, and even include free time so you’re aware of the time you have to yourself each day.

Ask yourself at the end of a day – how much of my activity today has moved me towards my end goals with the focus in the day, or at a time that you work best, being to work on high power money making activities.

By sticking to a schedule, creating attainable goals and working toward achieving them, and finding ways to motivate yourself, you can experience the most success in your online or work at home business.

Why Start A Home Business And The Gateway To Life

Gateway To Success In LifeOver at Gateway To Success In Life.com (link no longer live) you can obtain inspirational information to help keep you motivated to succeed with your business and other resources you can benefit from are at the personal development recommendations website – the more you learn, the more you earn. Access inspirational stories and a vast range of books, CD’s and DVD’s on personal growth and development.

That’s it for this section of the online course.

I hope you have found this of assistance to you. So, actions to take > Set some goals for yourself, write up a vision book, visit Gateway To Success In Life.com (no longer a live website) and then consider the next section on coming up with a product idea.

I wish you every success.

Mark Ford

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