Work From Home Anywhere I Want

Now When Working Nine To Five I Am Restricted To Where I Can Work… So How Is It Different Working From Home? Well… Here’s The Thing, When I Work From Home I Can Work Anywhere I Want Living A Laptop Lifestyle

Work From Home Anywhere You Like Living A Laptop Lifestyle

Work From Home Anywhere You Want

Hello once again to all my blog readers. Today, I thought I would write you a quick blog post about the fact that when I work from home I can work anywhere I want. It gives me, and anyone else who wants to develop this kind of lifestyle, a very flexible way of life that I cannot get when I am stuck in the corporate office.

The internet and working from home opens up a laptop lifestyle for us, we can work from a dedicated home office, work in the garden, in the kitchen, wherever we want and all from our laptops or ipads.

working from home mark ford

Working From Home Mark Ford

I enjoy writing and I find it relaxing to watch the seasons go by out of the window as I write blog posts sat in my work from home office. Last week the London Olympics started and today I have the television on in the backgound listening to the commentary. Again, this is something I could not do when I worked in a legal office and on the odd day when the sun shines I can enjoy that too as I write these blog posts working from home.

Sure we get some frustrating days, like today for me, and I find that this is a good time to sit down and share some information with my readers. So here goes… read on…

Today has not been as hot as it was in the UK last week, and if it was I could chose to work out in the garden on my laptop. Instead I woke up this morning saying… “Oh well, it’s a bit cloudy today and it may rain so I will work from my home office indoors”. At least that is better than getting stuck in the rush hour traffic on a daily basis. The commute to work is just a short stroll across the house.

So…. jump into the shower, have breakfast, grab a pint of water, review my vision book, play motivational music, put the kettle on, make myself a cup of tea and set up my laptop – great. I didn`t have to be a slave to the alarm clock. I went to work when I wanted to. Where did I chose to work today? In my house but tomorrow it may be in the garden enjoying some great weather. The point is I can choose where to work and it doesn’t always have to be at home.

Yes – what I`m illlustrating is that I can work from anywhere I want. In the garden or from a place abroad when I go on holiday or when I attend a business meeting.

Bye, Bye To The Old Legal Office

Bye, Bye To The Old Legal Office

No way did I want to be an employee in the legal world anymore (which I was in for 29 years) so I have adopted an “Internet Laptop Lifestyle“, which I now live. I can literally take my business anywhere. Just pick up my laptop and off I go. Whether I go to the garden or hop on a plane abroad – my work is with me, if I chose.

Anyone can change their life if they wish to do so. But, you have to be committed. I am committed and I have never looked back. The decision I made to quit my daytime grind was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

You can also be a work from home entrepreneur like me and the rewards, after taking action on what you learn, can be outstanding.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog post as it could be seriously advantageous to you future. If you have please share the post with your contacts by clicking the share and follow links below.

Mark Ford

To Your Success

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