Working At Home: Getting Things Organized At Home

Working At Home: Getting Things Organized At Home And Ensure Co-operation From The Family

Mark Ford - Staying Organized Working From Home

Mark Ford – Staying Organized Working From Home

It is not always easy to divide your time between caring for the kids and working on your home business.

With your kids running around the house or following you around asking 20 questions per minute, it is not always easy to get things done at home.

If you really want to get something done and earn some money from your home business, you should learn to manage your work schedule.

To help you get something done around the house, here are some home business organization tips for you.

Home Business Organization Tip 1

Ensure Cooperation From The Family

You cannot work well if your family will not cooperate. To make sure that everyone understands that you are working, call a family meeting and explain the situation to the kids. If you have kids who are old enough to understand the situation, make sure that you talk to them and enlist their help in keeping the little ones away form your work area.

Older kids are responsible towards their younger siblings and you should encourage them by giving them the task to keep their younger siblings out of your way during your work time.

If you do not have older kids who could help keep the other kids out of your work station, you better put a lock and key into your office to ensure that no one can get inside the room and mess with your work.

What if you only have a corner of the house as your office? How can you keep everyone out? If it is impossible for you to keep everyone out of your work station, make sure that you put your work in a safe place after you are done. Be sure to have a filing cabinet with a lock where you can store important files. Do not leave anything on top of your table if you do not want to end up losing them or have your little artist doodle on your files.

Home Business Organization Tip 2

As I reflect on what gave me the idea to write this blog post today perhaps it is because my son, Daniel Ford, knows the importance I place on keeping yourself organized working from home.

You see, today, the 15th June 2014 is Fathers Day in the UK and Daniel came to see me, beat me 5 -1 at a board game, (I let him lol!), gave me a very nice card and a ‘To Do’ notebook, as in the image below.

For me, not much works unless I keep organized in my home business, have home business systems and processes, maintain balance, keep a to do list (thank you Daniel), and work to a daily method of operation.

When working from home you don’t have  a boss organizing your time, you are your own boss and need to stay organized with your home business. A ‘All The Things I Need To Do In One Little Notebook’ really helps. Now I just have to add the tasks to it!

home business organization tips

Staying Organized At Home With Mark Ford

Home Business Organization Tip 3

For your computer, make sure that you put on a password that is difficult for your kids to crack. If you are using a desktop computer, be sure that you cover the screen, keyboards and CPU every time you finish working so that your little kids will not be tempted to tinker with it. For your laptop, put it inside your filing cabinet or somewhere else safe when you are not using it. Always remember that when it comes to your computer and your files, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Home Business Organization Tip 4

If you have installed a special phone for your home business, make sure that everyone understands that the phone is strictly for business. If you have teenagers in the house that couldn’t put the phone down for hours, make sure that they understand that your office phone is off limits. It will not do you any good if your clients cannot reach you because your phone is always busy.

There you go… a few home business organizational tips to help you manage your home business.

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To help you further with some home business tips and staying organized working from home, you may wish to visit my work from home time management tips.

I wish you every success.Mark Ford

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